I have had the privilege being father to 3 sons and a daughter. I have worked with young people in various capacities since 1972 including teaching for 18 years. In 1993, I wrote the only leadership-training program especially for young people, 7 – 21 years of age, available in the US at the time. I am not an expert … I am experienced enough to know there are no “experts” when it comes to old souls with young bodies. Parents, teachers, scout troop leaders, doctors, etc., all do the best they know how based on their experiences.

My approach is a little different because I don’t see young people as inexperienced beings. I see them as older, more evolved souls than I am looking for direction in this world so they can unfold to their full potential. They are souls with the experience of many, many lifetimes. They have their own life’s mission, their Spiritual Gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling and a team of Master souls to help them complete that mission. The first thing I do when I meet anyone is ask my angels what gift they are working with so I can communicate with them and not to them.

When I was teaching, I would take the roll of incoming classes and check with my Helpers what the First Gift of each student was. This enabled me to seat them with students who had complimentary gifts rather than competing gifts. This had an amazingly positive affect on the classroom. I had my children spiritually profiled as soon as possible after birth so I could better work with their energy. My granddaughters have known their great grandparents, grandmother’s, parent’s, sibling’s and aunt and uncle’s gifts all their lives. It makes a real difference.

As experienced adults, you can learn many beautiful things from children as you patiently introduce them to the boundaries and guidelines of planet earth. A key is not to force their timing and to give them as much freedom during Cycle-One (0-7 years) as they can handle … then give them a little more. And they can handle much more freedom than most people realize. Hovering over them and advising their every move is quite harmful, in my opinion. If you want them to grow quickly, allow them to make mistakes. They are very smart and learn quickly from their “stepping-stones.” They learn at a much slower rate when parents do for them what they are capable of doing for themselves. And you wont see how amazingly bright they are until you let them learn for themselves.

The first 21 years of life on earth make up 3 foundational seven-year spiritual cycles; 0-7, 7-14 and 14-21.

If they get a solid foundation and healthy sense of self during the first two cycles, they will have very fulfilling lives.

A soul comes into planet earth pure feelings. Babies and very young children radiate the love they are to everyone. Their communication is crystal clear. If something in their environment feels uncomfortable they freely let the whole house know about it. They are communicating, “Something in my environment is encroaching on my free will to feel good all the time.” When the want is fulfilled, they are back to being love in action again.

During Cycle One (0-7) the soul learns the likes and dislikes of those raising him. The child absorbs everything in the environment. During this cycle, what you think is at least as important was what you say. They are very psychic.

During the cycle of 7 – 14, the perception of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling begin to fully blossom. The intellect is developing rapidly and children are learning to think independently. They are sensing where they fit in relation to a bigger picture.

There are two aspects that are predominant during this cycle: one is a desire to be a part of the family and to be cared for. There is also a budding desire to be individuals and make their own decisions. They want to learn to develop a sense of individuality – of finding their true self. They learning to develop a sense of mutuality and to share with, and be considerate of others. At home there is safety, harmony, comfort, warmth, and security. At the same time, they seek to explore their own capabilities – to become master of their destiny.

I think it essential that a young person know how to communicate with their spiritual helpers by this point in life (if not in Cycle One). They are seeking personal direction. How can I better be of service to my children than teaching them to go to their angels when in need of clarification or direction? This way they learn from experience that they have all the answers they need with them at all times. They learn to believe in themselves and their ideas.

The cycle of 14-21 is the time when young people are concerned with finding out who they are as individuals. They begin to realize that they are not just a part of the family they grew up with, but that they are their own persons with their own thoughts, feelings and life purpose. Successful work experience is very important during this cycle as it gives them the opportunity to experience their competence.

This is the age of independence. Freedom of choice is very important during this time. Young people begin to reawaken to the same sense of freedom they had when they were born. The only difference is that they no longer need someone to tell them what to do. All they need is just a few guidelines to live by. If young people in this cycle doesn’t feel they have the freedom they need, they will rebel.

I have learned a tremendous amount from the young people I have had the privilege of knowing. My children have been and continue to inspire me to look deeper and see things with new eyes. Knowing their spiritual gift order gives them self-confidence and acceptance of others who communicate differently. Knowing how to work with their team of angels enables them to go within where their real answers are. I love seeing the young people in my life following their own lead, feeling confident in doing so and sharing their enthusiasm for life. They show me how magical my life is everyday.

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