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It inspired me to write this tele-seminar after examining my own experiences with love. Love is the winning key element that will help us make a successful transition from a life of need and scarcity to a life of abundance and well-being. Some of the "love" experiences to which I refer mentally and spiritually have been uplifting and others have been very painful and some have been painfully uplifting. But as my understanding of the true power of love continues to evolve, the benefits I receive become richer and more abundant. As a business professional, I realize that love produces wisdom, respect, and promotion. As a woman, I realize that love is liberating and empowering. As a daughter, I understand that love is demanding and hard. As a lover, I offer love as motivation, protection, comfort and support to my man. And as an entrepreneur, I know that love is powerful, insightful, and incredibly attractive. And as a creative being, I experience love as mercy, authenticity, and infinite potential. Love is what builds empires and creates giants. But what I know most is that without love, none of us would exist.

I'm not here tonight to motivate you, give you a to-do list, or help you with your New Year's resolutions. My goal is that your connection with me tonight allows you to experience an energy that will help you awaken thoughts, emotions and actions. Thought, emotions and actions that will unite you with the powerful power of love. Thoughts, emotions and actions that will encourage you to love someone else. Thoughts, emotions and actions that will give you courage and help you discover your authenticity. Think of emotions and actions that will free you and attract love, success and abundance to your life. That is my goal tonight.

What is love

Love is what will make a mother lift a 2,000-pound car from a baby who has fallen underneath it. Love is what will make a father fight to defend his family's honor. Love is what fed Harriet Tubman, the most famous director of the underground railroad. He forced slaves to freedom, often against their will, at gunpoint and navigated dangerous trails about 19 times. Love is the reason why Martin Luther King, Jr. marched on Washington and why he endured jail, hatred, and the disruption of his family and sacrificed his own young, precious, and promising life. Love is the reason why countless parents around the world do degrading jobs and sacrifice their manhood to feed their families. Sometimes love is why people make mistakes. It is also why people defy the odds. Love is what soldiers are made of. For more click here http://tilaflor.com/blog/

After much thought, I realized that many of us are struggling and scratching at life because we are confused about love. And we can't access the power of love because we don't fully understand love. We only understand love to the extent that it is expressed in a pop song or tabloid. We confuse love with control and lust. We are caught trying to adapt this revolutionary concept to a narrow definition based on the ego, subject to expectations that have nothing to do with true love. Once we understand the infinite nature of love, we will understand that love is the root of our success. Love has no limits. It cannot be measured by space and time. It causes revolutions and ends wars. Love will help us transform the energy of things like money, opportunities, and relationships. Love can renew our minds, bodies and souls. Love will help us to be a conduit for wealth, abundance, and well-being. Transform victims into victorious individuals who rise above emotions and reflect the Creator's thinking. Love is our connection to the universal mind.

Our discussion this afternoon is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Tonight's tele-seminar is titled "How to Win in 2010". What we will discuss tonight will help us be winners in 2010 and beyond. It's not about systems, affirmations, new year's resolutions and to-do lists. It is a lifestyle approach that will keep you within the energy of the most vibratory force in the universe. That mindset simply involves raising your awareness of love. It involves understanding that love, in fact, is life. And being aware of this fact allows your soul to breathe, expand and take over your life.

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That mindset simply involves raising your awareness of love.