When we are talking about Rajasthan then one thing flow in our mind spontaneously and that is a land of beautiful culture and tradition.This legendry land of India is very rich in tradition and culture. Gowari , Ghoomer, Terathali, Fire dance, Chari dance, Katputli dance and Kalbeliya dance like graceful dances and Teej, Gangaur, desert festival, Mewar festival, Pushkar fair, Elephant Festival, Kite Festival like fair and festival make this land of king most beautiful and glorious place of the world. To know the Rajasthan completely it is very important to know about its fair –festival, culture and tradition.

Fair and festivals of Rajasthan
Pushkar Fair
The famous fair is the great attraction for the tourists. In the month of October and November people comes this holy town to enjoy this fair. Pushkar is also a pilgrimage of the Hindus. On the occasion of Kartik purnima bath in the Holy lake of Pushkar has its own believe. This fair is purely rural gathering. This is mainly a cattle festival where villagers come from the every part of the state and bring their cattle with them also. In evening this fair has its own charm. Here you can find world’s best cattle especially camel products.
Desert festival
The city of Jaisalmer is world famous for its Desert Festival. Jaisalmer celebrates this beautiful festival in the month of February. Luxury Rajasthan tour becomes incredible when you also includes the memory of this beautiful desert festival in your Rajasthan tour memory. Open air folk dances, puppet shows, camel race, acrobatics, and snake charmers are the charm of this festival. Here you can also enjoy the beautifully painted stalls from where you can get carpets, rugs and beautiful cloths in best fabrics.
Mewar festivals
Mewar festival is beautifully celebrated on the lad of Rajputes, Udaipur. It is the very famous festival of Mewar region and gracefully celebrated by the people of Udaipur. They celebrate this beautiful festival on the Ghat of Lake Pichola. This festival starts with the worship of Isar and Gangaur. After the end of religious part of celebration the festival moves with the cultural events. Cultural display will offer you a great experience to know about the traditional Mewari culture. At the last day of this festival people give a heart touching farewell to this festival by wonderful firework activities.
Gangaur festival
Gangaur is one of the most popular festivals of the Rajasthan. This is the very important festival for the married women. This festival is related to the worship of Goddess Gauri (wife of God Shiv ). This festival is beautifully celebrated by Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.
Camel festival

The city of Bikaner celebrates Camel Festival every year in the month of February. Bikaner is also famous as the name of Camel Country, because it is the right place to experience the best camel ride. Here you can find the best race of Camel. This colorful festival starts with the procession of bedecked camels against sand stones of Junagadh. Here you can watch wonderful; camel dance on the direction of their masters. Here you can also enjoy jubilant skirt-swirling dancers, amazing fire dance and dazzling fireworks light.

Teej festival
Teej festival is widely celebrated festival of Rajasthan. This festival is basically celebrated by the women. This festival is dedicated to the Parvathi and Shiv. On the occasion of Teej young and married women dress in green clothes and sing heart-touching songs. This festival is beautifully celebrated by the Jaipur. Market of Jaipur decorated b in vibrant colors on this grand occasion.

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