India is a multicultural country with many states representing various types of people. However, every state has its own set of eligible and capable individuals and it is the role of government to give equal chance to all the states. For this purpose, various commissions have been set up which allow equal opportunity to states of India for applying in government jobs like civil services. It is the dream of many individuals to be a part of civil services of India. Thus the government has ensured that equal and unbiased recruitment is followed, by setting up of efficient commissions in different states of India. Two such public service commissions are in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. These two have carried out successful recruitment's in their respective states.

Rajasthan Public Service Commission:
The main role of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission, apart from recruitment's, is to give advice and to make recommendations in the making of appointments to public offices, to exercise disciplinary control over public officers etc.
It conducts exams for Senior Scale Promotion Exams for BCS cadre officials and Department Exams for both cadre and non-cadre officials.
The commission is well known for its stringent methods of conducting recruitment's where it allows entry of the best candidates. This is analyzed through vast syllabus and high level of the question paper.

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission:
Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has been appointed to recruit candidates for government jobs in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The chosen candidates, however can also be chosen for central government based on their performance.
Started with a small office, UPPSC today has two offices in Allahabad and Lucknow which are spacious enough to cater to 3000 candidates at one time. All districts/regions falling under Uttar Pradesh can apply here for any post in the civil services.
Candidates are selected through interviews, interviews and exams, only exams etc. The exams are conducted in stages: prelims and mains which is followed by an interview.

Rajasthan Public Service Commission and Uttar Pradesh public service commission are two such commissions that have set up a benchmark for the aspiring candidates who want to be a part of civil services of India. They ensure that the only the best candidate is chosen after thoroughly analyzing every aspect of his personality and academic knowledge. The major per-requisite is to check if the candidate is fit, both mentally and physically to undertake such responsibility and do justice to the post offered to him/her.

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