Ramadan is a month of complete worship in which there are few acts of goodness, but there are some acts that need to be highly motivated, focused, passionate, and uplifting.

Top Contents: Reading the Quran, reading and listening to it with translation and Tafseer, fasting for the whole month, special prayers arranging for night and day, spending days in arranging for good deeds to seek Allah pleasure in Ramadan. Conduct vigorous worship and special arrangements at last nights, find Lila-ul-Qadr, perform Itikaaf, pay Zakat, pay Sadqa-Fitr, and attend a religious gathering where recitation and Allah are praising held in the light of Quran and Hadith. And the benefits of fasting are to abstain from all unethical and immoral matters.

Fasting is one of the five Rukan of Islam called صوم in Arabic. Muslims fast during the holy month of Ramadan. In fasting, Muslims stop eating and drink for the whole day from sunrise to sunset.
Fasting is a hidden worship that has nothing to do with appearance and showing off. It is only for Allah,s pleasure. Its significance is not only hunger and thirst, but its purpose is to stop the human being from all kinds of desires, to avoid misconceptions, to stay on the terms of purity so that this piety can achieve by fasting.
Fasting is also helpful in staying steadfast under challenging circumstances. The purpose of fasting is self-control, and if a person does not dare to suffer from hunger and thirst, he will not be able to cope with the problems.

Paying for this duty requires high enthusiasm and the qualities of adventure. For Mujahidin, who travel in all kinds of bitter and cold weather, the patience and hunger they have to endure are such attributes that without them, one cannot indeed be called Mujahid.
One of the spiritual benefits is that fasting is continuous worship, and fasting is spent in the remembrance of Allah all the time, from sunrise to sunset. After offering one prayer, there is a possibility to disregard the remembrance of Allah until the second prayer.

There is a possible business engagement that keeps a person away from Allah. But if you are fasting, then even if you do not remember your Lord intentionally, you will still be considered to worship God. But This is the experience and observation that the fasting person continually remains in the remembrance of God from dawn to dusk.
Shab e Qadr

Layla means night, and Qadar means greatness and honor. So that night has been honored because descended of the Quran on Prophet Muhammed PBUH. Gabriel Amin, who brought the book, also holds glory over all the angels, that's why its called Lil al-Qadr.

Shabbat-ul-Qadr is the most rewarding night of the whole year for Muslims. Allah has mentioned about the value of the night in two Surahs of the Quran. According to the beliefs of Muslims, the night is kept secret throughout the year, and not mentioned is not exactly which night has worth of Shab e Qader. The two main signs of the night value highlighted in the hadiths: One is neither too hot nor too cold at night, and the second is that the sun does not have any rays when the sun rises in the morning.


Itikaf is an Arabic word that means "to restrain oneself, stop."
A person should cut off from the world and stay in the mosque to worship Allah for a specific period so that he can reclaim his relationship with Allah by reclining.
Itikaf is usually during the last decade of Ramadan. Because the Holy Prophet PBUH performed itikaf in the last 10 days of every Ramadan, so the itikaf of the last decade is called Sunnah Muakkadah.

Taraweeh In Ramadan

From the night of the first Ramadan, the time of tarawih begins and lasts until the end of Ramadan. It is not obligatory but Sunnah.
The time of Taraaweeh begins after Isha 'prayer and lasts till Fajr, the time of Taraaweeh prayer ends as soon as Fajr time enters, so if a person does not read Taraaweeh before Fajr then after Fajr there is no Qaza.
The Taraweeh is performed after Isha prayer and before the Witters. It consists of twenty or eight Rakat. Though it's performed in congregation at the mosque, someone also can offer it at home.

Zakat al Fitr

Zakat al-Fitr is a charity for Ramadan fasting, which is the source of cleaning from the consciously or unintentional useless and stupid things which happened while fasting, as well as can be manageable the Eid stuff of the poor people. It is also a way to the gratitude of Allah who blessed them the whole month to seek forgiveness and kindness of almighty.

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