Leaves and fruits of raspberry have been used as medicinal drugs for a long time. Fruits are mashed and made into topical applications. Like many other members of the berry family, it is consumed in promoting great health. A tea made from raspberry foliage was used historically to treat intestinal ailments. There are many herbal recipes that are said to have some form of health benefit, including remedy for diarrhea and flu. Besides cleansing the bowels, the concoction made of foliage or berries can also be utilized for skin care. There are some statements that raspberry can increase the frequency of urination.

This fruit has components that indicate its use as a dieting agent. Ketones in the fruit are said to be the major components involved in weight reduction. This is also utilized in perfumery, in cosmetics, and as a food additive. If taken, it emits a fruity odor that perfumeries love. The problem is that pure ketone compounds are expensive. Raspberry ketone compounds were vended as a weight reduction supplement after studies with rats showed possible fat-burning functions.

A rat model indicated the weight loss potential of ketones. The combination of elevated fat diet and ketone treatment led to reduction of fat accumulation in the liver and other tissues. Triglyceride levels in the blood also decreased. It is concluded that ketones from raspberry may be utilized to prevent as well as treat weight problems. The ketone substances can boost metabolism. More research should be done to provide an explanation for this point.

In murine models, the same results were observed, but at high levels of ketone. At high doses, the ketone may hasten the process of lipolysis. Some companies producing weight reduction brands have also been funding research works to find out more about the potential of ketone compounds for weight loss.

The distinctive smell of the berries that these ketone compounds give off have also been valuable for perfumes, but not for weight reduction products. Today, dietary supplements containing these ketone compounds are available in health food stores. Raspberry is joining the other superfoods that are great for the system.

The chemical structure of these ketone compounds is simple. The construction of the ketones chemically can be when compared to that of capsaicin and synephrine. These substances have also been implicated in fat loss.

Not all the ketones from raspberry fruits are extracted from the fruits. Raspberry berries have very little ketone quantities. These substances may be prepared in industrial laboratories by a variety of methods. Ketones can be manufactured using chemical intermediates.

Many raspberry ketone health supplements have around 100 mg ketone contents. There is no known suggested dosage. High dosage effects are currently unknown. Elderly people may show different reactions to these health supplements because of other health conditions. In pregnancy, the chemicals might prevent morning sickness and lessen the pain of labor, but care should be taken before taking in the ketone supplementations.

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