To compare which weight loss benefit is better between raw tea and cooked tea, we must first analyze the mechanism of Pu-erh tea weight loss.

Pu-erh tea's weight loss and lipid-lowering benefits mainly come from two factors:

First, it is formed by the combined action of various active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, chlorophyll, vitamin C.

The second is the comprehensive benefit of a variety of beneficial flora formed by the fermentation process (the flora can reduce the absorption of triglycerides and sugar in the small intestine, and improve the decomposition of waist and abdomen fat by enzymes).
In the early days of raw tea (without obvious fermentation and transformation within 1-2 years of production), the weight loss benefit comes from factor one. With the natural fermentation and transformation during storage (this transformation process comes quickly in the high humidity environment in the south, naturally stored for one year The cake will have more obvious changes), its weight loss benefit gradually began to be formed by two factors. The artificially fermented Pu-erh cooked tea is combined with the above two factors to lose weight and reduce fat.

On the whole, the Pu-erh tea after fermentation (whether it is artificially fermented cooked tea or naturally fermented raw tea) is better for weight loss and lower fat than the newly produced raw tea that has not yet been transformed.

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