The skin is mirror of the body. Skin is a detoxing power home. It is so much more than just your outsider shield. Skin is largest and only one exterior organ. There are many choices and pressure to alter, mask and cover you up. Skin Theorist Co. showed to remind you that you also have the option to humbly decline and be at home in your own skin and honor your raw story. Learn your skin. Learn your story. Raw skin is unconditionally beautiful. Let your skin breathe.

Let your skin heal. Your skin is as beautiful as you.

Imagery is powerful! Consequently, Raw Skin Representation is important to the psychological happiness of folks and our collective society. If your eyes and minds are increasingly exposed to raw skin imagery, the more comfortable you'll nurture and glow. Make up is beautiful. Make up is art. Make up is self-expression. All are saying that your raw skin representation matters.

Raw Skin Representation Matters so there are many ways to self & co-care:

•Add a pump to your current moisture.
•Use Aqua (fast absorber) to pamper oily, balanced skin.
•Use fire to quench dry, mature skin.
•Play sees your skin and marries the couple in your custom proportions to your skin's desire.
•Spot treat combination skin with the formulation.

What about your skin story that’s lacking in representation?

If your raw skin story is lacking representation by dent of your age, skin tone, colour, body type, gender, finance, illness and disability then contact with us. We will listen your story as we loved it. Share with us secretly by emailing on Instagram and share your story with a raw skin selfie, photoshoot, candid using hashtag Raw Skin Representation.

Be confident to learn how to take the wheel. Involve with and learn about individual skin loving ingredients. Just as you test new food or something else on infants, take it slow with your skin. See and read your skin and trust what you feel? Your skin speaks you can Listen. Learn to love. Your skin will love you back.

According to Skin Theorist Co. Skin Attitude Survey Less than 10% of women were satisfied and said that they love their raw skin.

Your skin may be easy to navigate. On the other hand, it may feel like rocket science. You should trust yourself to cook like formulate and nurture your interior organs. We are assured that your DNA houses the power to self-formulate and care for your exterior organ that is your skin. Stirring in your own healing goal into your formulation will influence your skin in ways mass-produced answers never will.

What's your attire saying to your skin, soul & spirit?
Dr Masaru Emoto Hidden Messages in Water is that “Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blue print for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you are open to it.’’

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