Chakras are essential to maintaining a person’s sense of physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Despite the importance of each person’s Chakra, it is not possible to actually see them, although it is known that they exist along a vertical line that begins at the head, following the central meridian of the body to the base of the spine. Each of the seven Chakras is responsible for specific areas of the human body. Building upon these basic precepts, each Chakra can be opened or closed, dependent upon the mental and spiritual capacity of each person at any given time.

There are seven Chakras within the human body, none of which can be seen but all of them having a direct effect on the body’s well-being, affected by mental and spiritual differences that occur throughout each person’s lifetime. First mentioned amidst ancient Hindu writings known as the Vedas which existed many hundreds of years ago, the Chakras consist of centers of primary energy sources within the human body. As well as being centers of energy, each of the Chakras themselves consists of pure energy, each one of which is responsible for ensuring the energy flows through each person’s body in the most appropriate direction.

Chakras are considered responsible for every one of our senses as well as being directly responsible for our feelings. Physical illness can occur when these Chakras get out of sync as unbalanced Chakras are considered to be a source of stress in the body. When you experience stress, physical illness is often not far behind due to the Chakras operating on an incorrect frequency which, in turn, prevents your mind, body and spirit from working in conjunction with each other, resulting in harmony. In order to regain this harmony between mind, body, and spirit it is often necessary to re-balance each Chakra.

There are many systems in our bodies that need to work in conjunction with each other to ensure our perfect health so referring to a harmonious balance between the seven Chakras is nothing unusual. The Chakras, between themselves, is each linked to a specific part of the endocrine system. However, the Chakras are intended to work in a coordinated team, not just between themselves but in conjunction and harmony with the endocrine system to which they are aligned. In turn, just as the endocrine system has a direct effect on each individual system of the human body, so too do the seven Chakras.

When it comes to re-balancing any disharmony amongst the Chakras, it is the resonance of sound that has the most marked and profound effect on realigning the Chakras. This is achieved through the aesthetic pleasures of music which we know flows along different wave-lengths. These wave-lengths are known as harmonics. These harmonics coincide with the flow of energy from each Chakra and are capable of reassigning these flows of energy back into the optimal harmonious rhythm necessary to achieve a perfect balance amongst the Chakras, once again attaining good health through acquiring a better balance between spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.

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