Re-create who you once were and say goodbye to what once was. If you live with uncertainty or have had troubles in your past, change those events. You have to re-create those events and turn them into lessons. Turn those lessons into positives events that will mold you into the person you want to become.

Take that lesson; be it trust, relationships, guilt, or whatever it is, and learn from it. Don’t carry the situation with you because it will manifest itself in others and you will relive the same lessons.

If you were born into a healthy environment, you learn love, trust, and stability, among other things. When you are not born into that type of environment, you have to focus on the kind of life you want to have and you have to constantly reinforce in yourself that you are worthy of having it. You have to re-create yourself and the events in your life so that you can start paving the way to a better life.

Regardless if you are starting over after a divorce, or starting over after the loss of a loved one, or starting over for a better life, you can do it. Each and every step you take is an important one. Envision the life that you want for yourself. Start writing your game plan on how you plan on achieving it. Tell yourself daily that you are worth having it. Take those necessary steps to achieve it.

I don’t want things to be like this anymore, I have had enough! Those are heavy words that scream of a desire for change. Now plan for those changes that you want to happen. Start by eliminating the things that you don’t want in your life anymore. Say goodbye to the places, people and things that are not getting you where you want to be. Always keep a positive attitude wherever you go and in whatever you do.

Life is a journey. If it doesn’t move you into a positive place, make that change. You have to be willing to walk away from the things that are not moving you into the direction you want to go and welcome the changes that bring you to a better place. Surround yourself with positive people going in the same direction you are. Only you can do it, no one else can. You have it within you to make those changes.

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