Mindfulness is a form of meditation that involves focusing on the moment, a sound, or a mantra, non-judgmentally and without reaction, and when combined with brainwave entrainment, a neurological tool that entrains your brain to a specific, consistent frequency conducive to the meditative state, re-structures the neural network map in your brain.

Research on mindfulness meditation and brainwave entrainment, have proven structural change in the gray matter of the brain when exposed to these processes. Meditation and entrainment disengage the area of the brain that houses old programming, neurologically making way for the installation of new networks gathered from new information, in a different part of the brain.

Meditation can change the connections and pathways in your brain, and it doesn't matter how old you are. In essence, your brain likes new experiences and is naturally and constantly making new networks as you go about your day, renewing or replacing old programming.

Mindfulness Meditation Brainwave Entrainment Balances the Brain

· The brainwave frequency for this meditative state reconnects systems within the brain that synchronize with and balance each other.

· When balanced, the effects can be vibrant health, higher awareness, super-ordinary or maybe supernatural experiences, and access and communication with higher spiritual dimensions.

· Fills thought-impulse receptors, in the activated area of the brain, with oxygenated blood.

· Increased blood flow reorganizes and strengthens existing neural pathways that carry the energy required to heal and rejuvenate cells.

· The health of the body is directly related to the health of the brain, and how it rejuvenates the brain cells.

· If your nervous system is constantly over-aroused, as during mental stress, anxiety, agitation, impulsivity and anger, your brain cells are damaged, and your mind and body will suffer from conditions like burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia etc.

· If your nervous system is chronically under-aroused, your brain cells are also affected, and you suffer from depression, lack of motivation, and failure to thrive.

· When the brain is unbalanced, as in one area being used more than another area, all the time, the brain becomes unstable and produces migraines, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, vertigo, epilepsy, and teeth grinding.

· If your brain is in relative calm and symmetrically balanced, the brain can heal itself of any injury --from over-exposure to stress-related hormones or from physical injury.

· If you entrain your brain with the proper brainwave frequency, you can let go of thought patterns that are not beneficial to you and implant thought patterns that are, and the brain physically change its structure accordingly.

· The brain literally un-plugs the old thought patterns neural circuitry and creates new pathways in their place in another area.

· If the new thoughts are repeated, using brainwave entrainment, the brain will reconfigure itself through the process of brain plasticity.

Mindfulness meditation, using brainwave entrainment, changes your neural map which then changes the re-structures your brain. Once balanced, you will heal on every level and greatly improve the quality of your life.

Author's Bio: 

Wanina Petlock is the founder of Waverider Emporiumand the developer of specially designed brainwave entrainment recordings, that are based on over 70 years of accumulated brainwave entrainment clinical research and investigation. She is a speaker and expert writer on brainwave entrainment and its endless uses for everyday living. Wanina works for a major Canadian Home Health company, specializing in end-of-life care, for which she has just won the “caregiver of the year” award. Wanina, also, a birth and death doula, uses brainwave entrainment, reiki, and energy medicine, as therapeutic aids in her practice. And in her down time, Wanina uses her intuitive skills, brainwave entrainment, and EVP to “ghost hunt”, and keep in touch with those who have passed on to the next adventure.
Wanina invites you to www.waveridermp3.com, to discover how easy it is to manifest, solve, and create, while releasing the power of your mind, using brainwave entrainment.