It is delightful to find that outdoor décor, lighting, and furniture have gone through phenomenal improvement over the last few years. Now you no longer would be coming across cheap lawn chairs with scratchy and shabby nylon seat cushions. Outdoor living at present is as livable and comfortable as indoors. According to, many of you are keen on updating your home interior décor, renovating the kitchen, or repainting your bedroom. However, you need to realize that your yard or patio will also be benefitting if you show some TLC. It is time to give your existing outdoor living area a complete makeover.                             

While you are planning to repurpose or revamp a patio furniture piece, you could avail of a couple of options like slipcovers or re-upholstery. So what precisely is the difference between the two terms? While both slipcovers and re-upholstery would be giving you a fresh and beautiful piece of patio furniture. How can you decide which one to choose for the best outcomes? 

What Is Referred to As Furniture Re-Upholstery?

Professionally done reupholstering of furniture does have the potential of breathing new life to an old furniture piece. It could be a relatively more expensive option since it necessitates detailed work. We understand that during the process of getting your old patio furniture re-upholstered, the old padding and fabric would be replaced with something fresh and new. The old garden furniture piece would then be re-padded with a fantastic new cotton layer. Moreover, new materials would be attached to the frame. The old furniture looks as good as new. Moreover, for a change in upholstery, the old piece of patio furniture is taken to the shop for reworking.

What Are Custom Slipcovers?

A custom slipcover is a slipcover that is designed and crafted carefully to cover the existing fabric, for instance, on your patio sofa. It is custom-tailored as per the accurate measurements of your furniture item. We know that slipcovers could fit your sofa or some other furniture piece perfectly since they are manufactured according to the perfect dimensions of the sofa. They look just like an upholstered piece of patio furniture. Slipcovers are normally cut during the first visit to your home and then installed on the second day once the entire sewing work is complete. You have access to a host of attractive custom covers in the UK.

When to Opt For A Slipcover Versus When To Get Your Garden Furniture Reupholstered? 

Reupholstering garden furniture will cost more as compared to having a customized slipcover. It is because while re-upholstering your old piece of patio furniture, the previous fabric and even the padding would be removed from the furniture. That would be requiring a lot more effort and time. Reupholstering furniture could be an effective way of reviving a robust piece of patio furniture that seems to be structurally sturdy enough for lasting another few years. This way, you could also consider reviving an old, but your favorite piece that may have some sentimental value, as far as, you are concerned. 

Both reupholstering and slip-covering are super-effective ways of adapting a cherished piece of furniture to your new home décor theme and overall scheme. Slipcovers are unique simply because they can be replaced at ease and can be removed for dry cleaning or washing whenever you wish. You may remove the slipcovers sometimes for the original furniture upholstery to show just to break the monotony. Moreover, suppose your basic sofa upholstery fabric is heavy and dark just right for the winter you may use a light-toned slipcover for adding an element of elegance and aesthetic appeal to your home during the summer months.


Both reupholstering and using custom slipcovers would be transforming any furniture item for better aligning with your home décor theme and your lifestyle. Both could be done by choosing the right fabric from a broad spectrum of fabrics, colors, and patterns.


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I am Sujain Thomas