Big dreams are reached by taking many steps, right? Knowing how your steps really and truly fit in as pieces of what matters to you can be the fuel that allows you to act. Let’s reach for your big dreams right now with an easy baby step that works. First, let me ask you, is there some aspect to your daily work that excites you?

For example, if your dream excites you, that answer might become yes by recognizing how your daily steps fit in. By simply realizing that your path to your dreams consists of your daily work. When you pay attention to the connection of daily work with your dreams, you can set yourself on fire to act on even your most mundane tasks.

How is that possible?

When you’re excited you can do something again and again without losing enthusiasm.

Why is that important?

Because when you’ve got big dreams, you’ll need to do a goodly number of things repeatedly to reach your dream.

Being excited about your steps is valuable.

Here’s the secret!

Being excited is something you can manufacture when you want to.

How? With a wee bit of creativity and a mite of extra attention and effort.

How can you help yourself be enthusiastic?

You can decide that you will.

You can demonstrate to yourself that you’re doing so.

You can allow yourself to feel whatever natural enthusiasm bubbles up from acting enthusiastic.

You can let enthusiasm sink into the very depths of you!

When you pay attention to yourself, and to your levels of enthusiasm and excitement, you’ll find that when you act enthusiastic, you become enthusiastic.

It’s connected to the actual action.

Your action can change how you feel about yourself. It’s a bit of a cycle. In a good way! Action helps you take more action. Showing excitement and enthusiasm during action helps you to feel excitement and enthusiasm. And feeling excitement and enthusiasm helps you take more action.

You can jump start this cycle for yourself more easily when the action you’re doing is connected to something bigger that you want and care about. There’s a natural inspiration involved when you know how they fit together.

Excitement is an emotion that you can catch hold of for yourself.

Ever feel yourself saying you want some of that when you see someone else who’s enthusiastic?

Well, you can get yours now. Catch hold of some for yourself right now! For real. For keeps.

Choose something big you want for your life. Write it down.

Writing it down is a big part of making it real. Whether it’s a pen on a napkin, a crayon on a scrap of cardboard, or the electronic trail of writing an email to yourself, make it real for yourself by writing it down.

Figure out a few of the steps you’d need to take toward that dream. Write them down, too.

That gives you a few real things to do that you know fit. Knowing how these steps fit into what you want can help you to do them. Pick one step you can do. Something easy. You’ll get better results when you choose something easy that you’d need to do many times. Something that you suspect you can act enthusiastic about at least for today.

Do that step. Today! Act enthusiastic when you do. Reach for excitement. Let it touch you. Be ready to repeat this same step tomorrow. Open yourself to let it excite you again. Repeat again the next day… again and again.

That’s how to reach dreams despite obstacles. Because your excitement will carry you forward, and your big dream will inspire you.

You’ll become prone to act. It’s that becoming prone to act that is the baby step that will ignite you so that you will easily reach your dreams. As you act, you’ll gain momentum. There’s power and strength in momentum. Do you see how this might help you? Are you willing to try it? How bad do you want that dream, anyway? That’s the bottom line. If you want it, I dare you to try this baby step. Yes, it takes a lot of baby steps to reach a big dream. Knowing that your small steps are part of something bigger that matters to you can be the fuel that gets you to act on a daily and weekly basis… on fire with enthusiasm.

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Ann Leighton provides inspiration as well as practical nuts and bolts strategy for encouraging you to moving forward.

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