As for front-end development frameworks, React vs Angular have multiple features such as Angular used two-way data binding, while React only uses one-way data binding. Similarly, React need a Virtual DOM that it updates using its one-way data binding, meanwhile, Angular needs an actual, real DOM, which it updates directly using two-way data binding. In recent years, both enhance the user interface to change the application pages in real-time with a broad range of functions.
The main difference between React vs Angular, React has JavaScript Library, while Angular includes an actual, comprehensive framework. If you are working with React, you can leverage additional programming libraries within it, but you can’t do that for Angular, since it doesn’t need you to do so, provides a complete framework solution for front end development.
What is Angular?
Angular is a JavaScript front-end framework using the TypeScript language. In 2010 Angular was launched and maintained by Google. It is majorly used for developing web apps, single-page web apps, and hybrid apps.JavaScript-based AngularJS was developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons to help developers build dynamic web applications with HTML templates.
Developers use Angular to develop large-scale and dynamic web applications such as e-commerce, booking platforms, or Progressive Web Apps that make a website perform like a smartphone app. It one of the top JavaScript frameworks because of its backing from Google and its coding power.

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