These days web applications are ruling the development landscape and will continue in the future too. When it comes to choosing Javascript frameworks and libraries, developers came up with many options including React and Vue. The challenging part is deciding to use Vue or react for use in your tech stack. Both use a Virtual DOM and possess a reactive and component-based structure. Here we will compare two very popular web app frameworks React and Vue on the basis of various parameters such as, user-experience, performance, testability, security, developer availability and so on. Before digging to the comparison, let us see each one in detail.

React.js is an open-source javascript library used to build web apps with rich user interfaces. It offers flexibility to create reusable custom components that encourage rapid development processes. Also, it is user friendly due to its ability to allow quick rendering of a web page. This library promotes the development of light-weight and complex business applications.

One can create not only web apps with React.js, but also media sites, video streaming platforms, software as a service tools, mobile apps, desktop apps, progressive web apps, JAMstack sites etc. Paypal, BBC, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter are some of the examples of popular apps created with React.

It is a lightweight and flexible JavaScript-based framework that provides advanced web tools to develop modernistic SPAs and front-end web apps. Vue is also considered a versatile and progressive JavaScript framework because it allows change creation in an application code without influencing any core feature built and this provides an opportunity to create progressive UI. With decoupling, Vue also offers opportunities to extend functionalities of web app with customized modules and visual components.

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One can create single-page apps, progressive web apps, small project apps, large scale enterprise apps, existing app design extension, existing app functionality extension with Vue. Behance, Gitlab, adobe portfolio, laravel spark, grammarly are some of the apps created with Vue.

React Vs Vue- A Comparison
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