What are the top marketers doing verses struggling broke network marketers? What do they do to make money online or offline in their business? They both have 24 hours to recruit for their business; however, over 12 months how do top marketers enroll 360 new sponsoring reps for mlm business. Some have used their long list of warm market friends and only enroll 24 new reps in their downline for year. That’s signing up 2 new reps a month. When top earners are signing up 30 reps a month by using the telephone, internet, and copywriting is how a person creates 6 figure income from home. Which is one of the powerful marketing strategies in building a massive downline for a mlm business.

In this article we will cover some advance strategies that will increase revenue for your business. Most people want to avoid talking to prospect on the telephone. This is a skill set everyone has to develop to be able to make large amounts of money in an mlm business. All top earners have mastered this skill set.

Here’s how top marketers recruit 30 reps a month for mlm business.

1. Master getting prospects to a live presentation call.
2. Using predictive dialer and telephone prospecting script that leads them to live presentation call.
3. Use a closing script that is proven to work at 20% to 30% for mlm business.
4. Master teaching others to call leads getting prospect in front live presentation call and closing. .

At the local meetings you will hear more people talking about their warm market of friends. In some cases they will being talking about recruiting into other people warm market of family and friends. That is when they ask to call the list of people in your cell phone to bring them to the next meeting. The truth behind building a real mlm business starts with mastering the telephone with leads.

If you want to avoid being like those massive people still talking to dead beat friends and family members that really don’t want to join in any home base business learn to develop a skill set. Developing skill set in closing new reps into your downline by calling people who have a need for your products.

This will allow you to build a long term stream of clients and business builders for your mlm business. This has work for years for top earners recruiting 30 reps a month. You can do the same with the right training and tools to position yourself as a leader. If you want to become learn how to think and act like a leader in your home base business to become a top recruiting in your niche.

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