A child starts learning at a very early age. Though, it might not be a formal education at home, but parents are the first teachers for a toddler. As the child grows, her first interaction with formal education begins at school where the teachers become a primary source of information and academic learning. It is the teachers who first help a child to read, write and recognize things. Talking about primary and pre-primary education in India, there are a lot of play schools that have come up across the country in the last couple of years. The trend initially started as a crèche has now become a part of formal pre-schooling in the country. Parents readily send their wards to pre-schools so that the child prepares self for formal schooling in a few years. Pre-primary schooling is thus necessary to acclimatize a kid with the formal education system. It is a kind of refresher course that prepares the child for a long innings.

Hence, it is quite necessary to select the play school for your child wisely and intelligently as it becomes the foundation of your child’s formal education that is about to begin. Also, the kind of environment that a play school provides the toddlers is also to be kept in mind. Dedicated and helpful teachers create a congenial atmosphere for children and this helps to motivate them so that they look towards the actual schooling that is about to begin. On the other hand a play school that doesn’t provide appropriate ambience for kids of such tender age can work negatively on the psychology of the child and the latter might start hesitating going to school. Hence, it is necessary to look at the finer details about the play school before going for the admission process. You need to do a thorough research about the staff, the methods of teaching, the background and track record of the teachers etc. You can get the feedback from the students who are already studying at a play school or their parents. This will provide you a clear picture and help you in making a better decision for your child’s future.

You can look at the detail education ad in newspaper giving details of such schools. Usually, these ads consist of all the necessary information viz. activities, methods of teaching, photographs of classes and school campus etc. in such ad posts. One of the benefits of such advertisements is that you can also compare two play schools providing similar services by the education advertisement sample published by each and then decide which one is better. These posts provide the contact details as well as the website address of the institution as well. Hence you can visit the website and gather more information about the same.

You will find the education ads in all the leading national as well as regional newspapers. Usually, all the news journals provide ad space for such ad posts so that maximum people can reap benefits. Education ad category can have regular text classified ads with a few lines providing the relevant information in a Black and White font or they can be full page Display ads with richer text and larger font size along with the photographs. The latter posts are meant to grab the customer attention so that no reader misses out reading the advert. There is another difference between the aforesaid ad posts i.e. the classified text ads and display ads i.e. the latter is costly when compared with the former. Since, they occupy a larger space i.e. a full page of the newspaper therefore they are costly.

If you are an admission seeker for your child, read the advertisement carefully and make a personal visit to the institution where you wish to admit your child. Do not act on any ad without a thorough inquiry.

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