Today, more and more people are opting to shop from the comforts of home rather than getting into the hassle of going to a crowded store. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of online shopping portals. There are innumerable options available to select from when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories. FashionandYou is one of the leading online stores when it comes to online fashion shopping hunt. However, off late there have been a lot of false negative Fashionandyou reviews doing the rounds in the online circuit.

People are posting negative reports of how the site is incompetent and the various failures as a part of the Fashionandyou reviews, which are untrue. FashionandYou is one of the biggest fashion sites for the Indian masses providing a huge range of products for men, women and children alike. The other products offered include accessories, home and living, gadgets and personal care. FashionandYou has brought a number of very high end and prestigious brands to people, such as Gini and Jonny, Elizabeth Arden, Mango, S. Oliver, Tommy Hilfiger et al. These brands along with many others are presented to the masses at astounding discounts, which price the products at a much lower value than its market price. All this made the site a very popular and successful online shopping destination.

One of the popular and very unethical practices used by various competitors since ancient times has been to malign the potential market leader in order to rise to the top. As a result, the FashionandYou reviews were used as a ploy to sabotage the website. In order to stop the steady rise of the website to the top, the competitors started using this strategy to bring down the loyal customer base of the site. This resulted in people posting articles questioning the quality of the products provided by FashionandYou. People claimed that the products were fake and of an inferior quality. Another allegation posted online is how the website fails to deliver the products on time. These claims are totally baseless and untrue. These reports are being circulated on the online network for the sole purpose of defaming the site.

In defense of the website, the site has clearly stated the various terms of service for customers who wish to purchase any product online. The site also has various deliveries, return and other required policies expressly stated for customers to refer to while making a purchase. FashionandYou has more than one lakh likes when it comes to customer reactions. This clearly shows that the various Fashionandyou reviews are nothing but only a marketing strategy, a very sordid one at that, used by the competitors to bring down the success rate of the website. It is basic common sense to realize that the reviews are nothing but fake, as it is impossible for a site that sells fake products to becoming as successful as FashionandYou has become since its inception. Try it to believe it I would say!

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