Umrah is a holy pilgrimage for Muslims that remains the sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Like Hajj, it also gets performed in the city of Makkah, situated in Saudia Arabia. As a matter of fact, some of the rituals also resemble. That’s why it has been advised in Islam to do as many Umrah and Hajj as a person easily can in its lifetime for, they remove poverty and sins. Let it be Ramadan umrah packages, or in any other month; you can get quality Umrah facilities right away.

Here’s everything you must know before departing to Makkah for Umrah.

Packing Tips.

Always pack efficiently. That doesn’t mean you have to take every single thing with you. Pack what you’ll need there not what you desire; it’s the ultimate rule. Therefore, your packing checklist must consist of;

1. Necessary Medicines.
2. All your Travel essentials i.e. Documents.
3. Sufficient amount of clothes. 2x Ihram and 3x Shalwar Kameez.
4. Comfortable Footwear 2x.
5. A Waist bag/Backpack.
6. Emergency contact list.
7. Toiletries and other items of personal care/hygiene.
8. A mobile phone to contact back home.

Health and Fitness.

For Umrah, your health and fitness have to be good if not exceptional. You’ll have to walk long distances in the performance of Umrah rituals (part of Umrah). So, if you don’t have the capacity for it, it might be very difficult for you. Due to intense weather conditions, you can feel dizziness or fainting. Therefore, before or after your arrival, switch to a healthy diet for some time. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables; Drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. Pro-tip; include walking/running for several Kilometres on a daily basis in your workout plan.

Staying Safe.

Due to an exceptionally large number of Umrah pilgrims, Haram remains crowded all the time. People from all nations are present. Therefore, in such a scenario staying safe becomes a necessity. That is both in terms of health, and money. Despite that, personal safety is also an individual’s own responsibility. If something unfortunate happens, there would be a stampede. So, know about your travel itinerary; multiple exit/entry gates of Haram and also the routes to nearby hospitals. In addition to that, don’t forget to vaccinate yourself before departure. Otherwise, your entry would be denied at Saudi Airport(s).

Pre-arrival Arrangements.

Pre-arrival arrangements are the key to leading a hassle-free umrah performance. That includes your hotel reservations, flight bookings and even your transportation in the country. Everything must have to be pre-arranged. Otherwise, unannounced, last-minute cancellations and delays will come your way. The best solution to cope with this problem is to hire the professional services of an Umrah Travel agent. Book your desired umrah packages From Birmingham or other cities, specify your travel needs and free yourself from all the travel worries right now!

Lastly, Prior preparation is the best. Educate yourself on Umrah rituals. Learn about the city and know your duties as well.

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I am Ady Grewal and specifically providing information about all kinds of Umrah Packages through Islamic Travel. Truly, my major purpose is to make sure the religious obligation of UK based Muslim brothers and sisters by providing the information of cheapest packages from the UK to Saudi Arabia. If you are interested to perform Umrah, so you are at the absolutely right place. May Allah (SWT) fulfill your holy dream.