Are you looking for ways to share the passion you have for reading with your children this summer? There are many benefits to reading with your child such as opening the door to discovery, adventure and creativity. Reading together with your child also forms strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

Introducing your child to reading should start at an early age. When your child is too young to read you can purchase books with large tangible pictures that they can touch. Tell stories about yourself, your grandparents and your family to get them involved. Add drama and enthusiasm to capture your child's attention.

To make your reading time special snuggle together at a set time each day and read. Pick a spot and make it your "special reading corner". You can store your child's books there as well.

When you want to read your favorite book, encourage your child to sit beside you and read their book. By sharing this moment with your child you are setting a good example for your child and promoting reading alone.

It is important to involve your child in each story. Pick short adventure story picture books and then after you read a page or two, ask questions about the pictures. Ask your child what they think will happen next.

To encourage imagination ask your child questions about the story you are reading together. Get them to create another story around the pictures in the book.

You can create a connection when you introduce your child to the same books you loved as a child. After reading a few paragraphs you can talk about what you loved about the story and where you used to read when you were a child.

Use these tricks to make the story come alive. Create outrageous sound effects for the different sounds in a story and create a distinctive voice for each character in the story. Then you can involve your child in the sounds effects. Get them to help you make the sounds as the story moves forward. Make finger puppets or Popsicle stick puppets with your child for their favorite story. Use these puppets to act out the story.

Your goal is to make reading one of your child's favorite activities because studies show that children who are good readers are 3 times more likely to succeed than children who do not enjoy reading. You can also read to your child from magazines, poetry books, and comic books, even newspapers. Subscribe to magazines specifically for your child.

When new words appear in a story you are reading, discuss what it means and then support using the word throughout the day. Use magnetic letters on the fridge to write the new word. The ability to touch the letters will help your child to remember the word and then you can teach them how and when to use the word in a sentence.

Go to the library or book store with you child and get the books that interest them. You can go to used bookstores to help keep within your budget. Check out CD's and DVD's that are available, that are interactive for children to learn the alphabet and increase their vocabulary.

Explore the world of online apps. There are many applications for smart phones and computers that encourage children to explore the world of reading.

There is a multitude of ways to share your love of reading with your child. While in the car or playing at home, play music for your children to sing along with. Learning new songs increases your child's vocabulary.

Create a reading chart. List the books that you have read with your child and after ten books, praise your child for a job well done. Continue to use this chart after your child learns to read.

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