Is it important to have a flyer in your house when you’re selling?
Short answer Yes.

A tried and true fact; having attractive flyers with the right information works.
There are different types of flyers with different information. You need at least two flyers.

Flyers get pertinent information to your potential buyers and to brokers.

A guest book is an often overlooked companion to flyers.
You want buyers and Brokers to register so you have a record of visitors to your house, wether you’re selling by owner or listing with a Realtor, a guest sign book is essential.
I recommend placing a guest book near the front door, ask Brokers and buyers to sign in.

If you’re cooping with Brokers, you’ll want a record of which ones showed your house.
If you’re selling by owner you’ll have the names of buyers who viewed the house and you can do a follow up call.

Where should you put your flyers?

1.Obviously you’ll want to have flyers on display in the house. Place your flyers next to the guest book in a highly visible location.
2. You’ll most likely have a for sale sign in the yard so buy a flyer box and put flyers outside so that people driving by can pick up your information.
A tip on flyer boxes - kids love to grab all the flyers and take off with them, I’m not sure why that’s so much fun, but it happens.
Limit to 5 or10 flyers, then if they disappear, you’ve not lost all of your flyers.
3. If you’re selling by owner and cooping with brokers, take flyers to each office and distribute them. This lets the Brokers know you’re willing to work with them.

Information for the flyers

1. For a photo feature flyer I recommend two photos. Don’t over kill with 6 or 8 photos. That’s too much. Definitely one photo of the exterior; one of the rear yard if it is attractively landscaped, or the kitchen or the living room. Do not try to display a photo of every room.
You can create a virtual tour or have one created. Put a link on your flyer.
A buyer can go to the web site and view everything. There is not enough room on a flyer to do that.
2. A features flyer lists the best five to ten features of the house.
What makes this house special? Don’t try to list every feature, just the top five to ten.
3. Buyers love floor plans, so if possible put a floor plan on the back of your photo feature flyer.
A floor plan flyer should include room sizes, then the buyer can mentally start moving in. They’ll start visualizing where their furniture will go.
4. Get Free financial flyers. Call one or two lenders and ask them to prepare a financing flyer for you. This gives the buyer a picture of how they might finance the purchase.
It’s a great free service for you and the lender gets free advertising. It’s a win-win.
5. A really nice touch is to provide an area services list.
List the names and phone numbers of local services such as cable TV, utilities, phone etc.
Help your buyer to mentally move in.

How to get flyers

1. You can make them yourself or there are lots of online services that will create professional flyers for you. The fees vary but are usually reasonable.
2. There are local services that specialize in that type of advertising. Check around.
3. Many title companies will provide free flyers; they get advertising and expect you to do the closing through them.
4. Most lenders will be happy to provide a financial flyer. Many will incorporate an information flyer. Check around for one who provides this service.


It’s imperative that you put the right information on the flyers. Flyers are important to your sale.
It’s a fact, FSBOS who do their homework by preparing for the market, sell houses faster than those who don’t. Flyers are a part of preparation.

Provide your buyer with take-away information that continues selling your house long after the showing.

Flyers help sell quickly

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