Pune is the Top Seven property hotspots within the country.Industrial Revolution makes significant changes in the real estate properties in pune.The growth of IT

sector and other industries increases the value of the pune in real estate.Today,Pune has a diverse industrial population.It is one of India's most important

automotive hubs, with some domestic and international auto giants manufacturing here.Pune also has hundreds of large and small IT companies.Nowadays there are several

townships growing up and it changes the material of town.

The increase in IT sector has been create an explosion in housing accommodation.The same time the demand of houses,flats and residential apartments in the city also

increases.The major places Wakad,Bhaugaon,Aundh,Balewadi,Hinjewadi etc.are expanded very recently and with the appearance of IT sector.Apartment buildings in

pune,which satisfies individual's budget and take care of all essential needs for living.The cost for apartment buildings in the city have a great increases for the

last 2 years. IT Infrastructure of India makes Pune as its prime location and it leads to the increase the real estate cost in pune.

Real Estate costs in Pune have continuously increases because of the newest developments in industries.The cosmopolitan lifestyle and industrial base of Pune town has

attracted many of the outsiders to migrate in this place.Luxury residences,row and penthouses are the best way of investments in the realty market in pune.Real Estate

costs in Pune increases in every year so it is the main cost effective place compared to other metropolitan city like Bangalore,etc.

The major builders know the requirements of all their customers.They provide the greatest living atmosphere and also satisfy the basic requirements of the

residents.Then all the builders in pune provide luxuary with peace and security.The surveys reports that-Pune homes will be sold the fastest,taking just 14 months to

sell its 43.06 million (430 lakh) sq ft,the survey states.It leads to the real estate possibilities in Pune.

More and more land was required to accommodate the various national and an international IT companies.These industry requires manpower, and manpower requires homes.All

the industries provide good employment opportunities,job seekers from other cities made Pune their final destination of ambition’s.So the demands of houses,apartments

and flats also increases.Pune properties are creating the expansion at the side of prospects,wonderful connectivity and academic facilities.Pune familiarly known as

'Oxford Of East'.And the increases of the educational institutions and apartments in the city are always required.

Pune comprises of many competitive builders in the city affordable flats,apartment buildings are obtained at low cost depending ahead of necessities of the individuals

with ample space for parking,ventilated surroundings and work place near by the accommodated place.Flats in Pune are available in a diverse range of localities,sizes

and price ranges.Pune real estate market is the major area for the real estate investments in Indian Real Estate.

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