The real estate industry is booming and thanks to virtual real estate viewings, it has certainly become one of the most lucrative sectors around the globe. Going online to view property sites has undoubtedly made life more convenient – whether its reviewing photographs of the site, looking into nearby spots for outdoor activities, or attending a virtual open house – the internet has truly revolutionized the way we look for new homes.

However, nothing comes close to a personal visit to the property you want to invest in, because what you see is what you believe. Face to face encounter is one of the most significant steps involved in the home buying process and it shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. Investing in residential property involves a huge sum of money, therefore, one should be very careful in assessing the property before you all set to buy one. Visit the property site and understand what you intend to buy and get.

A mere 20 minutes spent on the site of the property that is going to be your home eventually, is vital to keep unpleasant surprises at bay. Below, we list down a few reasons highlighting the importance of why homebuyers need to visit property sites personally.

  1. Amenities

It is important to understand the amenities provided with the property. Various amenities you are offered when buying a project ranges from clubhouse, swimming pools, 24x7 gyms, pharmacies, ATMs, community centres, gaming spaces and sometimes parks. Visiting the site will help you get a closer look and verify if these amenities are provided as promised or not. Also, you will get to know if these amenities are chargeable separately or the cost is included in the total cost of the apartment.

  1. Cost and Quality

The total cost of the project and quality of maintenance and construction is important to know. By visiting the site, you can check the brands of materials used for construction and reviewing the eminence of construction is also important. The maintenance can cost you more if there are more amenities and spatial upholding requirements. It is also important to know the kind of fittings, fixtures and electrical apparatus that is being used, as it will help you avoid any malfunctions which may affect the quality. Visiting the site will also help homebuyers see the quality of repairs and to interface with the developer to assure whether he will take up the liability of repairs.

  1. Progress

Homebuyers need to see how the construction of a property is progressing and whether it’s going on in the same pace it was promised. Timely possession of property is very important. Delivery of any project by the developer depends on whether the developer offers to pay interest on loans till the possession. Therefore, one should examine the availability of any interest grant schemes that can be paid by the developer.

  1. Location and Surroundings

Location is one of the most important criteria while buying any property. It is important to know what kind of surroundings you come up with. As a homebuyer, you need to make sure that the project developers are considering issues like traffic because your home value increases if there are better roadways, hospitals, schools, offices and other networks nearby. You can get higher price appreciation and rental income depending on investment potential like major infrastructure, for example metros, highways etc.

  1. Authenticity

It is important to ascertain the legality of the structure and that is a factor that’s very well assured in a personal site visit. Make sure you find out all the legal nuances of the property, including looking at all the legal documents of the property significantly and also ascertain land ownership. Check the agreement that will finalize your possession. A personal site visit helps homebuyers assure the authenticity of the claims made by the developer, something which you can’t do via virtual site visits.

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