Real Time transcription is the live conversion of a court reporter's stenographic strokes into English. It is used as a litigation tool by attorneys, judges and convention-goers to follow along as people are talking in a proceeding.
The real-time to work, certain court reporting software must be used and the stenographer must be especially skilled and highly trained. It is not a simple task .The court reporter uses a stenotype machine to document the activities just as they have done for dozens of years. This is connected to systems, and work in combination with computer aided transcription technology. This technology uses software that translates the inputs and displays text on the computer screens of legal participants.
Real time court reporting has various benefits. Do not wait for transcripts. In fact, as the legal transcription is taking place, lawyers can make notes as necessary. The attorney need not focus on capturing of any data during legal proceedings. As well, attorneys can rapidly search for keywords and bounce back to previous discussions. With just the touch of a key, the attorneys can easily marking/highlight particular passages or testimony for later review.
As well, the attorney can easily indict live testimony because the live transcript is literally at his fingertips. Remote participation facilitated can communicate with local attorneys, challenging a key point or asking for explaining during a deposition. It can reduce additional time, expenses, and hassles of secondary depositions.
In addition, you can quickly research an entire database of transcripts, collect on-screen reports from all of the case's transcripts, and summarize the entire case. Good thing is you don't even need to be in the courtroom to download live text.
Legal transcription work is done by the professional from any offshore place. Real time transcription is also used in the broadcasting location where instant work is important. It is also used for online publications by reporters who have to cover and report on events immediately on the Internet. An additional field of application of realtime transcription is with the Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) reporters who have to interpret / transcribe the spoken words into text for the hearing impaired.

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