Automotive industries must seek out and implement new strategies for supply chain management to sustain within the current competitive business climate. Automobile manufacturers need to underlie a policy to connect all operation issues related to the supply chain. Visibility of supply chain among business partners such as manufacturer, suppliers, and customers play a beneficial role in decision-making. Implementing supply chain visibility for passing product data and sharing information keeps things steady and in control.
Product serialization is one of the most valuable inventory management and supply chain management terms because it provides companies and their customer's time and actionable information about their supply chain orders. Serialization adds a unique identification number to the individual component and vehicle parts in the automotive supply chain. Manufacturers and distributors can pull information from serialized inventory management software that they can share with partners, vendors, and customers so they can track the items and orders in real-time. Serialized solutions help the manufacturer to encounter conformity enforcement associated with business practical exercises, current demands, and track and trace regulations.
Companies can benefit from implementing the serialized solution, to be able to identify and track the components that make up a final product. It essentially allows a manufacturer, distributor, or supplier to inspect for any issues that may arise before or after a product is delivered to the consumer. This is the easiest, accurate, and efficient way to identify what went wrong and where and, in some cases, prevent the problem in the first place. Without proper traceability practices, companies may face loss in production costs, sales, legal bills, and different kinds of charges. Serialized product management solutions address environmental, economic, and legal concerns and enforce traceability across the entire supply chain.

Supply chain planning is used to balance supply and demand, forecast future requirements, and ensure sufficient supply to meet those requirements. It starts with a demand plan, which gathers all the essential data and information in one place before transforming it into the respective planning, execution, and distribution processes. With a serialized data management solution all the data for each unit is stored in one place and is easily accessible through the serial number. This data insight will allow monitoring items across the supply chain by production time, order, inventory location, and quantity. The serialized solution helps the business plan for consumer forecasting and supply collaboration.

Inventory management:
Tight control of inventory can be critical to a company's success. By implementing serialized inventory management software, detailed records of every component or material will be at hand that goes in and out of the warehouse, whether it is new or returned. The serial numbers help to analyze the number of goods, stock reviews, and other inventory analysis methods ensure to have the right amount of materials to meet demand at the lowest possible cost.
Reduce risks and costs:
Supply chain visibility (information sharing) though serialized data will guarantee that there is no blockade within operations. The manufacturer will be able to speedily answer all requirements across the whole supply chain. This visibility in the supply chain guaranteed the possibility to reevaluate the risks such as defective parts and faults. Supply chain visibility ensures a return on investment and provides a reliable and trustworthy as well as an effective service plan.

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