Whenever I watch the athletes being interviewed, before the Olympic Games I can quickly tell who the winners and who the participants will be. The most reliable way of doing this is by simply listening, to their answers, during sports interviews. Those that say “I am just glad to be here” are not going to be wearing the champion’s rings, when the games are over. They have achieved their goals before the games even started.

As you move through the different phases in your life and you get to achieve your goals. You have to continually set more, new and ambitious ones, which will constantly stretch and challenge you. Real great, long term, sustainable success is the result of not only setting and achieving big goals, but is about constantly getting and creating new goals along the way. Super achievement is not about “goal setting”, it is the result of a constant hunger, for consistent growth, in other words, you must be a new goal getter.

Vision and success is a direction, never a destination. The secret to living a life of meaning and fulfilment is to know that, yes, we must achieve a few milestones along our journey towards the success, we have envisioned. But they are merely milestones, not the reason we started the journey in the first place. A young man may set a goal to mow 100 people’s lawns during his summer vacation, so that he can buy an old jalopy to impress his girlfriend. Once he has earned sufficient money and actually bought the car, the real lesson and purpose of setting the goal in the first place, was never to impress his girlfriend. It was to learn the crucial lesson of solid work habits and experiencing the joy of setting and achieving a goal.

Accumulating sufficient money to actually buy the car is of course a wonderful reason to celebrate. He has after all reached a really fantastic milestone on his journey toward meaning and fulfilment. The secret to sustain this success and to keep moving in the direction of the success he desires, is to immediately set an even more ambitious goal, which will keep stretching him and moving him down the path of growing and becoming. Remember that “As you become more, you will constantly keep attracting more”.

The lessons learned by the young boy, that setting goals, applying daily discipline and hard work to anything, he wants to achieve, will result in a desirable outcome. Has most certainly allowed him to grow expand and become more. As the universal law say, “As you become more, so you will attract more” This young man has thus started his sustainable success journey through life. To live a life of meaning and fulfilment and where he can achieve true success. He must keep moving the goal posts and keep setting and getting more and more ambitious goals as he reaches each milestone.

There are so many companies, which were really amazing blue-chip companies at one time, but have faded into just memories today. Companies like Studebaker, W.T Grant and Triumph Motor cycles. These companies had a goal of reaching the top, which they did, but they allowed themselves to falter, because, they never moved the goal posts and expanded their game. I am sure that you have seen it happen to people around you. The sales guru, who topped the charts for years and then overnight, everything just falls apart and they tumble off the no. one slot, all the way to the bottom. Tiger Woods is a perfect example of this. Yes there was infidelity and too many women involved in his life to count, but the real reason he fell from the number one slot and is finding it difficult to get back on top, has nothing to do with infidelity. It has everything to do with reaching the pinnacle of success and then not moving the goal posts.

As you set and achieve goals, always stretch yourself, by setting more and more ambitious ones. Never allow yourself to lose your way and think you have reached your destination. Don’t lose your hunger, desire and your need to keep growing, innovating and expanding. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever exceed your own expectations. So dare to dream big, set big hairy audacious goals and as you get close to crossing the line and achieving any goal you have set, keep moving the goals posts and becoming more.


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