The first question I’m always asked when I tell people I do Hypnotherapy is, “Does it really work?” My reply is always the same, “If you want it to”. Hypnosis is very effective if you are ready and willing for change. It can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. People forced to quit smoking don’t really want to quit, they are just doing it for someone else and really they want to smoke. Hypnosis will not help this person as they won’t allow the suggestion to work. If they decide they really want to quit then hypnosis has been proven to be 93% effective in less than 6 sessions for any problem.

Hypnosis is beyond the point of debate on whether it works or not. Multiple studies have been done and we have MRI numerous images of the brain completely transformed while in a trance state. Areas of the brain normally awake are subdued and other areas normally dormant start firing. This not only made people more comfortable about getting hypnosis but it has allowed Hypnotherapists to make new techniques for greater results.

The next big misconception is that people feel they can’t be hypnotized. Rumor had it that if you were smart or actualized you wouldn’t see benefits from Hypnosis. This is not only false but the exact opposite of the truth. People with higher functioning brains get much better results much faster. Those with brain damage, low IQ, or developmental issues are much harder to hypnotize. This is merely because a normal functioning brain is easier to control both by the hypnotist & the patient.

The best explanation of hypnotherapy is using a computer for an analogy. The operating system of the computer controls everything from the background programs to the stuff you see on your screen. Like the brain controlling not only what you’re currently thinking about, it also controls the things you never think about, breathing, blinking, digestion, body heat regulation, etc. If you have a problem with your computer or it’s old and won’t do the new fancy features, you have to upgrade the software to do what you want it to do. Hypnosis is the equivalent of upgrading your brains software. If your brain won’t let you change by just wanting to, then you need to change the software. Hypnotherapy when done properly will allow you to make different decisions. It will also make you see things differently allowing a different outcome. Perception is what motivates decisions and if your perception changes your reaction changes.

Hypnosis can be practiced in many different forms. Each practitioner has their own style or follows one of the more famous styles. Unfortunately many states (like Washington) allow people to practice hypnosis without much training or even practicing on a person. Most of these people will read a script to you hoping the generic script will work for every client. This is an awful way to practice and has very low results. Each person is different and their brains are even more different. Using the same technique for everyone has no benefit & anyone who tells you their method is the best is only telling you want works for them or what they were told by the franchiser. I find it sad that hypnotherapists can buy a franchise for hypnotherapy and with it comes every script and every ad they should use. You could get a mp3 or CD to do the same thing for much less.

A good hypnotherapist will spend some time asking questions , learning about you, and how your brain functions. In my practice I have seen about 100 different reasons why people are overweight. One script can’t work for every reason. This is why I spend at least one appointment interviewing the patient. Finding words that trigger you and your bad habits. Learning how best to make a script just for you. This can be especially important when the Hypnotist & the patient come from different backgrounds. Man vs. woman, East vs. West, Liberal vs. Conservative. Each of these different people need a different script. The script that works for an 18yr old man born in the US should be much different then a 45yr old woman from Japan. This is the same approach I have taken with my meditation classes and have found both to be very successful.

Whether it’s weight loss, quitting smoking, overcoming fears, pain control, or anything else you need to make sure you want to change. If you do, hypnosis can be a highly effective and satisfying life changing therapy.

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About the Author- Jason Morton has taught meditation for over 12 years and has learned what techniques works best with each type of brain person. He is a state Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who takes pride in his success using his own custom style.
Born & raised in Puget Sound, Morton is the co-owner with his wife, Sonia a massage therapist, in Ascension Wellness Center and Healing Day Spa in Des Moines, WA (outside of Seattle) a luxurious 8 room with classroom facility. The premiere alternative wellness center offers Acupuncture, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Aqua Detox, Organic Facials & Waxing, and Classes. They also take insurance for medical massage and acupuncture.