When it comes to what one attracts and doesn’t attract into their life, thoughts are often the primary focus. And when someone has this point of view, they are seen as the key to one attracting what they want and repelling what they don’t want.

So here, one needs to become hyper vigilant when it comes to their thoughts and to constantly create thoughts that are ‘positive’. And through this process, it is said that one will create feelings that reflect their thought processes.

This then creates the impression that the mind is in control of what one feels or doesn’t feel. And that how one feels is always a consequence of what one is thinking. Communication is therefore only occurring one way; from the head down and not from the body up.

If one has feelings that are not related to what they are thinking about, then that is said to be due to them having thoughts that they are not aware of. And as their awareness increases, they will be able to notice the thoughts and therefore stop themselves from having the feelings.

The Head

This creates the impression that the ones point of focus needs to be on what is going on in their head. And through placing ones attention on this part, they will gradually begin to master their personal reality.

Thoughts are then incredibly important and one will need to become almost obsessed with what they are thinking or not thinking. To ignore them could lead to minor problems and what could be described as major calamities.

Along with thoughts, are ones beliefs and these are often said to create the thoughts that one has and therefore their feelings. And these exist in one’s mind also, but not in ones conscious mind, their unconscious mind.

The Body

What this would mean then, is that the body is simply an effect of what is taking place in one’s head. The head is the master and the body is the servant. If this is true and the body is nothing more than a lump of meat that is being controlled by what’s going on in the head, then it is irrelevant.

To ignore what is going on in one’s body and to place ones awareness firmly in their head would be the obvious thing to do. And based on conventional wisdom, why would one think any different.

The problem here is that conventional wisdom is not always accurate and just because one wants something to be true and ‘believes’ that is it, it doesn’t mean that it is.


What is often heard when it comes to creating one’s life, is that one’s thoughts create their feelings. What this misses out is the fact what while thoughts can create how one feels, they can also work the other way round.

So how one thinks is a result of how they are feeling. And thoughts are needed to create these feelings in the first place. The reason for this is that feelings exist in the body and the mind then interprets these feelings and produces thoughts and beliefs.

And these feelings are what create the resonance that defines what one attracts into their life and what they repel. The thoughts that one has are generally nothing more than a reflection of how one feels and rarely the other way around.

Trapped Emotions

The feelings and emotions that are in one’s body could have been there since one was a baby. They could be the result of what has happened during ones adult years, but is it what takes place in the beginning of one’s life that often has the biggest impact on ones reality.

In these moments, one could have had an experience that was extremely traumatic or accumulation of minor experiences that built up and had the same effect over time. And these can include the following feelings: hopelessness, powerlessness, worthlessness, helplessness, shame, guilt and fear, amongst others.

If these emotions and feelings were mirrored and allowed to be released, they would have disappeared. But when this doesn’t happen, they end up being trapped in one’s body.


Time will pass and the intellectual brain in one’s head will become conditioned and ‘educated’ by society and they are likely to lose all connection to what is going on in their body. But even though one can have no awareness of these feelings and emotions in their body, it doesn’t mean that they are not having an effect on one’s life.

These trapped feeling and emotions will define what one attracts into their life and what they repel. So the people they are attracted to and the people they attract will all reflect what is going on in their body.


When one is cut off from their body and primarily operates form their head, it will be normal for one to come to the conclusion that life is just happening to them. And that they are simply observing what is or is not showing up.

This is part of the duality: the mind observes life and the body experiences life. And as the same feelings and emotions are trapped in one’s body, one is going to create the same reality. If one is on reverse, they won’t go forward unless they change gear.

Breaking The Pattern

In order for one to break the patterns in their life and to create a new reality, it will be essential for them to release these trapped feelings and emotions. When they are not released, the same reality will appear and this will just validate the beliefs and thoughts that their mind has.

And new feelings and emotions that are created from the new experiences in their life will pile on top of the original feelings.


What can make this such a challenge is that one has to detach from what is showing up in their life and what is taking place within them; to react to it will only cause one to be a slave and to remain stuck. It is also important to realise that life is impersonal; it is responding to what one is resonating.

And when things are not going to plan or when one is attracting what they don’t want, it is natural to get angry and frustrated. But to remain this way in the long one won’t lead to progress. The mind will feel validated and yet what is showing up is a result of what is going on in one’s body.

The trapped feelings and emotions can be released with the assistance of a therapist or a healer. As these are released, ones reality will change and their thoughts and beliefs will follow suit.

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