Awareness is One Component of Your Perception

Your perceptions are based on three components: Awareness, Deletion, and Distortion. Awareness is made up of things you’ve been exposed to or programmed to believe from outside sources, or your internal guidance system. Deletion is made up of the things you have not experienced or have chosen to ignore, consciously or unconsciously. Distortion is the filter you use when looking at reality.

The decisions and deletions you make will always influence your awareness of reality. To change your circumstances or make changes in your life, you must modify your awareness through conscious choice.

Sometimes we make changes because of situations or circumstances like divorce, a financial loss, failing at work, something happens that makes us change our thinking. The goal should be to take what we know to be true, and turn it into positive results. This can be done through awareness and self-correction.

Problems Offer an Opportunity for Personal Growth

Our problems are wake up calls. They can appear as impossible situations, but they signify a need to change something, they are an opportunity to raise our consciousness. Challenging your current belief system is healthy. It can offer a path to a higher level of awareness. When we admit there is a possibility that we don’t know all we need to know, we have the opportunity to grow.
Changes Require Positive Thinking and a Dose of Reality

Contrast is certain. There is always a complementary side to every situation, every belief. That’s called balance. You can’t have black without white; without darkness there is no light. Positive and negative are connected. The way we see them is disjointed.

Positive thinking is important, but if we never allow ourselves to feel discomfort, we don’t realize what needs to change. When it becomes more difficult to suffer than to change, most of us will choose to change. Life is a funny and persistent teacher. If we don’t learn from our past experiences, we continue to recreate similar experiences until we get the message. When something traumatic happens, we’re told to use positive thinking to get through it. That seems logical, but we must allow ourselves to feel fear, anger, sadness, worry, they are important emotions. You can over indulge in positive thinking as you can over indulge in negative thinking.

Too much positive thinking can limit your ability to respond to situations and apply the necessary change so that you don’t repeat the same situations again and again. Conversely, negative thinking leaves us feeling like we don’t have the power to make the necessary changes, and we’re just victims of circumstance. You want to create a balance so you can respond appropriately to situations, and create the desired outcomes in the future.

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Dr. Robert Anthony is the acknowledged inspiration behind “the Secret,” as well as a personal performance trainer and best selling author. Dr. Anthony has spent more than 30 years helping others to create richer, fuller lives. His latest program, Rich Mind Life Strategy, was designed to help participants create their lives by design and learn to manifest their desires by tapping into the unending, unstoppable flow of riches that leads to spiritual, emotional, and financial riches.