Tunas realm last year Air 2 impresses us with good sound quality, cancellation of active noise and affordable prices. REALIS spends some time purifying their packages and appears with air buds 3.
This new wireless earbud brings the most powerful realist noise cancellation, slightly redesigning with shorter steam and wireless charging for € 60.

Likewise 3 air buds that are better than last year's model and how they accumulate against competitors with the same price point? Let's find out.

BUDS Air 3 brings a design that is familiar to its predecessor but with several changes. The most obvious is a shorter stem that helps make 3 air buds lighter and helpful very fitting in my ears. It offers the same fit in-ears with most competitors with interchangeable silicon tips.

The realm logo has moved from the middle of the case up and sitting behind the transparent plastic window that makes a unique look. We have starry blue colors
to be reviewed even though Realm also offers more classic Galaxy White options. Tunas displays the design of all plastic with a glossy bit on the in-ear part and matte layer on the stem and case. They do a pretty good job to keep fingerprint stains and are also easy to hold.

This case accommodates tuned buds through the magnet and the lid is made solid and closed with a safe snap - no cracks or squeaks here. The Earbud brought iPX5 water resistance when the case did not boast the same rank.

Realmen Buds Air 3 comes with rich features set for the price they requested. You get customized air conditioning, multi-point installation, wireless charging, low latency gaming mode and customized sound profile. They pair more than Bluetooth 5.2 and support SBC and AAC audio codecs. Some cellphones also get additional benefits from Dolby Atmos with profiles to watch movies, listen to music and play games and smart modes that automatically choose optimal conditions based on your environment.

Each Earbud offers a double microphone
that helps block 42dB noise that is claimed to be around you. ANC works quite well here and of course can block some static sounds in a lower frequency range. It also does work well in windy conditions that do not occur in competitors such as Xiaomi 3T pro buds. You can switch between transparency modes that allow more noise so you are more aware of the surroundings or turn off this feature and use earphones as usual.

Buds Air 3 brings multipoint pairs with up to two devices and this feature works well at my end with a solid connection between my laptop and telephone. Earbuds do a good job for the transition between the two audio sources despite some occasional latency problems. You also get In-Ear detection that paused the media as soon as you spend a shoot from your ear.

Touch control works well most often even though I did experience delays between registration and touch execution on several occasions. I also have a fair part of the unregistered beats. You can configure double taps, and triple and tap and hold for Earbuds in the Reace link application. This application functions on Android and iOS devices which are the additional welcome.

Realme managed to build air 2 which was solid by offering better ANC, lighter design and more compact and the same balanced sound profile. VRealme Link
is a feature-rich companion application that functions on Android and iOS. Buds Air 3 provides quality calls above average and the only complaint is the absence of a higher bitrate codec like APTX.

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nitin singh