Nowadays Social media has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. There are a lot of apps available which are meant for information and entertainment, social networking and many more. Social media is a platform that enables to connect with our near and dear ones.

Tiktok is a social media app where anyone can create short videos with many situations like dancing, playing, acting or any other kind of short clips. It was the most downloaded iPhone app worldwide. However if want to buy female TikTok followers that will make you famous.

Brief History

It all began with, now known as TikTok, was started in November of 2017 by TikTok’s parent company named ByteDance. TikTok was a new app to the world as of 2016. was launched officially in late 2014. It is known as Douyin in china. It is a Chinese creation founded by Zhejiang University graduate Alex Zhu.

How it works?

Users record videos of themselves syncing lip or acting comedy sketches with duration up to 15 seconds long, and can select from a database of songs, dialogues, effects, or sound bites. Collaboration is a leading motive — you can perform a “duet” with somebody by answering back to their video that creates a split-screen diptych and thus feeding into an endless chain of creations. Users has opportunity to upload their custom sounds, as to make it’s possible to sync lip to others original video.

Key reasons behind its success

It is a short video platform that captures young generation’s interest for new things. They can use short video clips to capture stunning things in life. This stimulates them exploring around the world without moving outdoors.
The infinite videos scrolling system does not let them notice how many videos they are watching or amount of time they spent in a session.
The duration of Tiktok video can not be more then 1 minute that inspire user to swipe more.
At that time when user is not using TikTok, the app repeatedly sent them a push notification with catchy title enough to stimulate user to open their app.
Their optimized Algorithm can easily identify user interest few hours of using it and bring user interest based videos.

Tiktok frequently launch a Hashtag Campaign frequently on each special festival and stimulate it using famous tiktokers which helped them in growing.
Tiktok is a Mobile based application and easy to shot which includes all things like video editing, shooting or duets.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo videos it take very short time to upload. For the quick nature of the app makes it more convenient over other platforms. User can upload 15 second of videos within a seconds and can be shorted anywhere, anytime simply with a smartphone.

Tiktok provide an Easy inbuilt video editor where user can apply effect and transition on their video.
Tiktok organize outstanding gathering with famous tiktokers on their platform that stimulate user to shoot more video and join popular Tiktokers.
Video is the future of content. Watching videos are gradually on the rising and particularly young generations and everyone use internet loves videos so as tik tok.

Tik tok is an internationally open platform. For this people all over the world can enjoy their creation sharing and watching others without any border.

Strategic & intense advertising by spending millions of dollars they have promote themselves through all shorts of people. One of their campaign promotion program was really successful that was #tumbleweedchallenge together with star comedian & show host Jimmy Fallon.

Tik tok videos are so addictive and young generation liked it. Along with their promotional programs and peoples response it has got this much popularity.

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