Redaction is the common procedure that helps us in getting rid of information that is supposed to be kept in the final draft due a wide range of reasons. The reasons for withdrawing information range from not allowing wrong information to come to public to sensitivity of information. We many times avoid the PDF redaction processes and use other hiding procedures, only to know after some time that all these measures have failed.

The two known software's that are used for used for creating the mother documents are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and finally these documents are converted to distribution friendly PDF format. These software's are good for creating the document file but might fail to redact in a proper way.We enjoy the luxury of customize settings for the word file to be transferred to PDF. Other word software's will also help you in changing the sensitive information with the same procedure. However, if it was not done within word draft, it can also be done within the PDF format using the PDF redaction software's. The need for redaction is not similar in all documents.

Few of the chief reasons for redaction are as:
Hiding the sensitive information:

This is the chief reason for the redaction of documents. We might have come across blackened or colored rectangles in some documents; these are meant for not allowing us to read that content. These methods work only for the hard documents but it is not a safe bet for the electronic versions.It is really easy for computer literates to extract this hidden information for the electronic documents. The extraction can take place from the non-sensitive image of the draft. For the editors or the content owners to be successful in their endeavor, it should be noted that use of recommended PDF redaction software's can alone do that.

Not having a proper understanding about the meta-data of the document:

Data about data is called meta data. It the part of the information that makes the reader knowledgeable about the content, author, keywords and title. The man who owns the content may not be in position to understand the meta data developed by the software, so he may want to hide it from public. For this meta-data as well, it is advisable to use the redaction software's because they are highly trustworthy.

The permanent nature of the redacted content determines the success of the PDF redaction process. If the information can be easily recovered from the redacted document, the PDF redaction process becomes void. Nevertheless, if the recovery of information is a complicated issue, which cannot be undertaken by common people, it is said to successful.The best solution to the problem of improper redaction is that the information should not be kept hidden in the viewable file but should be deleted from it.

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PDF Redaction we require proper software's that can guarantee that the information that is redacted stays redacted forever.