If you are living in a rented house then you must be getting advice from your friends, family and other elders, encouraging you to invest in property. However, even after listening to them you must be wondering and thinking why I should buy a house when I am comfortable and relaxed in my rented flat. Moreover you might also have reservations about the entire process of real estate investment. Here are few reasons which explain why you must buy a house in Singapore.

1. Buying a house means you are the proud owner of the property. Once you are the owner and you can decorate it as per your liking. You need not ask anyone for painting the wall of your room or change furniture replacing the old one. You can also enjoy the amenities within the project area by just paying a flat rate. Projects like Lakeville at Lakeside Singapore has all the facilities starting from swimming pool, gym, fitness station, spa, lounge to car park. Ownership of the property also provides a sense of security.

2. All though the price of real estate goes up and down like stock market but over the years your investment will surely appreciate. Property located in an area with good connectivity are in huge demand today and this is the reason you can rent the unit owned by you and look ahead for recurring income. The price of the property also changes from region to region and in metropolitan area. You must do proper research before making investment so that your wealth grows parallel to the rate of inflation.

3. If your property is on mortgage then you can also enjoy deduction on tax return. To enjoy the benefit of the mortgage, amount should be smaller than the cost of your apartment you are buying.

4. You can also save on money spent towards recreation. Property like d22 lakeside apartment Singapore are designed in such a way that residents do not have to travel far for facilities like swimming pool, gym etc. To enjoy the amenities all you need to pay is a flat rate, which means you need not travel far and spend money. Moreover on-call maintenance service is yet another advantage of being an owner of residential apartment in Singapore. 24-hours security service means your family and property is safe without spending any extra money.

5. If you have your own car then you will have to pay rent separately for keeping it in the garage. Today residential projects have separate car parking area.

6. Singapore is a known for its fastest growing economy. Foreigners who do not find job in their country plan to settle down in Singapore and earn quick bucks. More expatriates moving and settling in Singapore has pushed the demand of real estate. If you have a house in Singapore you can also earn money by renting the house. This money can be used to repay the mortgage amount that you have taken from the bank or other financial institution.

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Maryann Wilson is the author of this article. She involved last 4 years in Singapore real estate industry. Here she discussed about Lakeville at Lakeside Singapore which is new launch D22 lakeside apartment Singapore