With the modification in technology so many search engine came on the map of the world. They all stayed for a specific time and people got advantage by them. Now the question arises why Google boated all of them and became the most popular search engine. What is the secret of its popularity? After going through few points we can realize than it has made life so easy than everyone is admiring the persons who created this marvelous search engine. The most important point is its fastest email service that is named agnail. Not only its emails service is fast but also it brings fastest messenger to their user that is called Google talk. Thirdly it has many addresses like Google.com that shows the most relevant results of every country. In this age of inflation where everyone is depressed by an imbalance of the demand and supply or we can say the income and expenses have no balance.

On the other hand majority of the people is jobless. It causes high ratio of frustration. So Google has also played an important role in this matter. It has provided ways for the earning of money to too many loggers and writers and data entry operators. Moreover to be advised in the internet is another facility provided by the Google. We cannot image the area of services of the company. It is serving for all types of people in every field. it is providing a lot of extrgger, Orkut anda services which are most popular among the people, such as you tube, blo son on. In short we can say Google is a smart search engine with a very high technology that is used by the company. Google’s internet navigator chrome is also a greatest facility provides by it. Its website is so wide that it has the capability of offering a great number of useful tools inside and a lot of widgets are offered by it.

Day by day it is getting more and more popularity as despite of so many characteristics it is moving fatly towards growth and improving its efficiency every next day. That is the main point why Google is becoming so popular than the other search engines that are not growing as faster as Google. It is expected by it that it will continue its progress in the future time and will complete its efficiency as a search engine and the popularity which is directly proportional to its efficiency, will no doubt be increased with the growth of efficiency. Yahoo is in the struggle of catching new users but it is noted that the efficiency of yahoo is not enough to defeat Google. It must speed up for the competition with Google which has gained popularity already. So in the end we may say that Google is a search engine that has made our life style very fast by its fast growth that is the main reason of its popularity. So we can get advantages by it. That is the reason why it is becoming too much popular among the people of all ages.

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