If strength, speed and endurance are the foundation for high performance then focus, confidence and your mental game is the cement firmly holding it together.

Athletes know why they ought to follow a specific training model, the best strategy to improve performance, and the plan to put it into play. So if the tools for high performance are readily available, why don’t athletes stick with the plan to get the best results? The simple answer is motivation.

Like Jeopardy, now that we know the answer, you must ask the right question.

How hungry are you to reach your full potential?
The answer to that question offers valuable insight. You’ll finally understand whether you’re going to do whatever it takes for high performance. Clarity about your “BIG WHY!” is the treasure map. Once you understand how much you are willing to give then you can decide to stick with the plan or make modifications.

The flip side is you might not like your answer. You might not be as committed as you say you are. To turn things around, to deepen your commitment to high performance, means we’ll have to dig deeper to discover what is holding you back.

Uncovering the blocks then leads to one of three choices.
• Accept things as they are
• Modify your expectations
• Remove the underlying blocks

The Emotional Freedom Techniques is the best tool for clearing the underlying blocks even if you don’t really know what they are for you.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques adds another dimension for overcoming physical and psychological challenges. Blocks affect your motivation. Lack of motivation impacts performance. Your motivation is directly related to your resistance. EFT is an ideal solution for clearing the obstacles impacting performance.

EFT, or tapping, is like acupuncture but without the needles. It works on your meridian system which has to do with your energy. It is also known as qui in Eastern philosophies.

The easiest way to explain energy is to think of a water hose with a kink in the hose. Even when you fully open the faucet, only a trickle of water might get past the kink. Once you take the kink away the water flows freely. Well, that is how qui works also. If you have some sort of block, which you might not even be aware of, reaching your goals will feel like an uphill battle. Once your energy is corrected, then the resistance leaves.

Before you begin tapping ask yourself:

• If I were to guess, what do I think is interfering with my performance?
• What would I have to give up?
• How would I feel if I tried my hardest and didn’t see any improvement?
• Who would I be disappointing?
Now that you’ve answered those questions, let’s dream.
• What struggles and negativity would I have to release to improve my performance?
• What qualities do I need to be fully committed?
• How would things be different if I reached my performance goals?

Now you have valuable insight for hidden obstacles can surface. The answers to these questions are highly personal. After you answer them they will be your tapping statements. Begin with the negative ones, then transition to the positive statements.

Two types of motivation exist, external and internal. Competing because someone else has expectations for you is an external factor. Rarely, however, will it help you through the toughest moments.

Your personal desire, the internal motivator, is your motivator for full commitment. Clarify your reasons for competing. Connect with your burning desire, the reason you choose to excel and the purpose it offers you. All the top performing athletes know their BIG WHY! Understanding your drive for excellence fuels you to continue pursuing your dream through the toughest most challenging moments.

As a competitive rower, I quickly realized winning was not my primary motivator. GASP! Yes, that was an important goal but it was not the one which got me out of bed at 5am to head down to the lake for an early morning row around the lake when it was still dark and cold outside.

I had to dig deeper to figure out my burning desire. It was about connections, commitment and fitness. A high level of fitness and training with other rowers to perform well together when competing was my real driving force. My competitive nature was fueled by the relationship factor.
Awareness of your motivation keeps you engaged through thick and thin. Sometimes a block arises, but it does not have to stop you in your tracks. The block is an indicator of an internal conflict, usually opposing values. The Emotional Freedom Techniques is the perfect tool to sort through the opposing energy. Removing the block is necessary before you can determine your next steps. Remaining in a struggle is optional. Dissolving the conflict, so you can maintain momentum toward your performance goals, is easy with EFT.

Challenge: Become aware of you BIG WHY! Write down what you love most about being an athlete, playing your sport. Now consider why the things you listed are important to you. It doesn’t have to be deep. It just needs to be your reasons, not what you think are the right answers.

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