Social media networking sites are growing popular with each passing day. It is estimated that the number of social media users will be around 2.77 billion by the end of 2019.

This brings us to an obvious question - what makes us all so addicted to social media websites? Well, we studied various reasons, and here is what we found:

* A platform to voice your opinion

Perhaps one reason behind the ever-growing popularity of social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is that they provide you with a platform to express your views.

In addition to helping you voice your opinion, these platforms also help you in connecting with your friends, family, and other acquaintances. What’s more, they also allow you to become friends with like-minded people you have never met in reality, but who share the same interests as you.

This way, social media platforms help you establish your identity, while also allowing you to make friends, share hobbies, opinions, and likes.

* The fear of missing out

One of the major reasons why more and more people feel addicted to social media is because these platforms trick you and make you check them out more often.

People feel scared that they might miss out on an important event, or that they might be the last one to know about a party or an important announcement.

Human beings are undoubtedly social animals, but this feeling is all the more exaggerated by social media platforms. Social media makes us feel relieved and connected, and this is perhaps why more and more people stay glued to it.

* It is free

One of the most important features which make social media platforms hugely popular is the fact that most of them are free to use. People actually get to use a range of tools, interact with people, share their opinion, and enjoy good content without having to spend money.

This is a reason big enough why people turn to social media websites to beat their boredom, relax, and catch up with their friends and family.

* Easy interaction

What’s more, social media websites not only help the users in connecting to their friends and family, they have also emerged as a highly viable option when it comes to interacting with their famous brands and celebrities.

Not only people, but brands and celebrities have also marked their presence on social media and often resort to the platforms to get feedback, launch their products and services and interact.

Social media platforms have become so important that a lot many startups and ventures prefer to buy Instagram accounts with a huge fan base to be able to connect with their users.

This whole series of events has brought about a new scenario which is way more advanced and connected, and which helps people to reach out to other people on the go.

The Wrap Up

That said, it is easy to conclude that social media platforms will only continue to grow popular with time. We are social animals, and these platforms allow us to socialize on the go.

What is your take on this? What, in your opinion, makes social media so popular? Let us know in the comments below.

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