Exercise is an important aspect of every person’s life, exercise enables people to have good health and avoid certain diseases related to obesity to maintain constant workout it is not an easy task because for one to be successful in exercise you require patience, commitment and discipline without these three factors then you might fail in the exercise process, many people who constantly exercise will tell you that in their first times exercising they were on the verge of calling it to quit, but the reasons and the results that they were expecting after every exercise made them keep on working out. Exercising as many may call it is not just a brush off to anyone’s life it is basically a requirement for everybody. According to Odeta Stuikys Rose who is a successful businesswoman in the field of fitness and health industry, she confirms that many people fail to achieve what they expected form exercising because they lack discipline, commitment, and patience. Her emphasis on successful work out is as simple as checking what you eating every day.

Who is Odeta Stuikys Rose?

As mentioned above Odeta Stuiky Rose is a very big name in the list of successful businesswoman in the field of fitness and health industry, Odeta Rose was born November 26, 1980, in Sydney, Australia and raised by Lynda Brown (Mother) who is a doctor at Sydney’s main hospital and her dad who is a professional golf coach in Australia. Odeta Stuikys Rose became successful because her parents provided her with all the support by ensuring that she got into the best law school and managed to be among the top in her class, she studied law and later graduated from the Law School at the Sydney University, After that, she became Master in Computer Science in Sydney and finished MOMA in NY. And through these interactions it helped her in being able to manage her businesses and create better ways to connect with people in the field of health and fitness, her abilities to communicate with people both successful and unsuccessful in the field of health and fitness has enabled her to be considered as a guru when it comes to exercise matters. According to Odeta Rose there are many things that come to play when you want to succeed in exercising and one of them is distinguishing between good and bad virtues when it comes to exercising and staying healthy.

The four reasons why exercise doesn’t work for you

1. Consistent bad eating habits:

According to Odeta Stuikys Rose many people fail when it comes to exercising because they fail to come into terms with their wrong eating habits, if you can’t be discipline through prescribed diets by the nutritionist and avoid your old eating habits then the exercise you might be doing will not help you in any way to make you fit enough, the issue is that you might not be doing anything at all because the calories that you trying to burn you are still adding them into your body, you find yourself exercising had enough but still you are not seeing the main results, but by making sure that you keep to the diet that is encouraged when exercising you will see the changes immediately after exercising for a while.

2. Inconsistency and lack of commitment:

According to Odeta Stuikys Rose one of the major failures that lead to people not exercising is excuses, that is people will complain that they can't manage to work and also be able to exercise every day, the advice to this type of people is that exercise is not just an additional factor or a luxury to people lives but it is a requirement for one to remain healthy and be able to avoid so many diseases, when you start to think in different perspective you will realize that you won't complain about time, but you will manage to create time for yourself and health benefit so that you can be able to exercise every day and by doing so you will be consistent and your commitment will definitely bore fruits by being fit.

3. You underestimated your conditioning level:

Odeta Rose explains that many people underestimate their level of fitness when you perform your first workout it is imminent that your muscles will always be as sore as hell. Many people will always make the mistake millions of other people make by deciding to start another fitness program, though underestimating how out of shape you may be, by tending to get out of breath through climbing a flight of stairs you will always feel irritable and tired throughout your workday. But Odeta Stuikys Rose explains that those are just the results of mental fatigue than anything else.

4. Lack of proper guidance:

According to Odeta Stuikys Rose any people fail when they join the gym because most of them never ask for help. They constantly slave themselves day in and day out and even hurt themselves by doing wrong exercises. For instance, a good scenario of no guidance. A person becomes a member of the gym through a basic membership plan. They start working out for almost two weeks and then they disappear you don’t see them until 8 months later. And when they are back, they complain that they have a rotator cuff injury and have been going to physical therapy. If the time they joined they bothered, if the exercises they were doing were correct for their body. They won't have undergone all those tortures, many people ego get in the way of common sense. You will see many people exercising incorrectly even hurting themselves ending up in a physical hospital, in which they would have asked for guidance. If you really want to have the best exercise which will help you to see major changes after investing your money make sure to get assistance from a professional who will help you to get fit.

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Odeta Stuikys Rose is a successful businesswoman in the field of fitness and health industry.