At the start of the 19th century, the world of kitchen interior design was free from classic fashion. With the entry of modern cabinets, for example, classic-style cupboard varieties like farmhouse cabinets had no option but to go out of fashion.

But in the 21st century, classic fashion is prominent once again. In modern kitchen interior design, for example, classic-style cabinets now dominate every scene. It is from this context that this article reviews farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

If you’ve always been attracted to farmhouse cabinets but never went for them because you are not sure whether or not they are in fashion, this article is for you. Continue reading to find out among other things, why farmhouse cabinets are perfect for you.

Is the Popularity of Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Genuine?

With modern-style cupboard designs surpassing all traditional cabinets in terms of popularity, stating that Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are trending can seem an overstatement to many homeowners. But the truth is that farmhouse cabinets come with amazing features, most of which make them unique and attractive compared to varieties of modern kitchen cabinets.

In this regard, besides the fact that classic fashion is re-establishing its top place in interior design, farmhouse cabinets are trending, thanks to their attributes. These include the following;

1. Ability to Match All Interior Designs

While associating them with traditional-style interiors is easier, thanks to their vintage designs; farmhouse cabinets are compatible with modern kitchen interior designs. This is partly because they are more often simply decorated or styled.

Another reason that makes farmhouse cabinets a match for modern kitchens is their known natural wood material background. You need to know that natural wood is a prominent material texture in modern kitchen interior design.

2. Design Versatility

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are also famous because they exist in uncountable modern and traditional varieties, all of which come with unique shapes, ornamental properties, and colors. Regardless of the design, color, shape, or size of kitchen cabinets you want, finding them among farmhouse cabinet varieties is possible. The most prominent farmhouse cabinets you can choose to go for include;

 Distressed farmhouse kitchen cabinets
 RTA farmhouse cabinets
 Modern-style farmhouse cabinets
 Frameless farmhouse cabinets

3. Durability

Because they are cut from wood, farmhouse cabinets are trending genuinely. From time immemorial, natural wood has been boasting global admiration for strength and durability, all of which are attributes that make farmhouse cabinets trend with natural wood kitchen cabinet designs.

Thanks to their material, farmhouse cabinets can withstand all kinds of traffic associated with kitchen interiors. They can resist scratches and impacts as well as spillages, dust, and other dirt stamps, which is a fact that highlights their durable characteristic.

4. Convenience in Access

According to interior designers, the renewed popularity of farmhouse kitchen cabinets can also be attributed to the fact that they are easier to find. Still because of their defining material, which is bare wood, farmhouse cabinet designs are easier to craft and so, more available than many non-wood cabinet varieties.

Besides the convenience of accessing their material, farmhouse cabinets are easier to find because they have been around for countless numbers of years. Unlike the case of contemporary-style cabinets, designers are more acquainted with the basics of farmhouse cabinets; hence, they typically produce them in masses.

How to Style a Kitchen with Farmhouse Cabinets

Mix Colors

Depending on what they look like in terms of color, farmhouse cabinets need to be paired with contrasting colors for their demeanor to be transformative. Besides cabinet color, you need to consider the colors present inside your cooking space, especially on the walls and floors to determine the right colors to blend inside it.
Install Rustic Wood Elements
Since they rhyme well with vintage fashion, farmhouse kitchen cabinets can project a transformative appearance in any interior if by any chance they are given a touch of rustic decorative wear, for example, bare wood fixtures, appliances, and accessories.

In beautifying the outlook of farmhouse-style cupboards, and so, the interior into which you have fixed them, with rustic wood elements, you can consider adding natural wood to floors, backsplashes, or cabinet countertops.

Incorporate Metals

Rather than mix and match colors until you miss achieving your desired interior design with farmhouse kitchen cabinets, you can opt to mix different metallic materials, in terms of cabinet accessories and kitchen hardware. With their shiny aspects, metallic surfaces can complement the outlook of various colors inside your pantry to make everything seem paradise-like.

Are there Alternatives to Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets?

You should never fret because you failed to find farmhouse cabinets that are ideal for your needs. There are various cabinet designs that you can seamlessly use in place of any other farmhouse cabinet design. These include the following;

#1: Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

From traditional to the most contemporary designs, shaker cabinets align perfectly with the aesthetics of farmhouse kitchen cabinets. They are simply decorated, durable, amazingly functional, and markedly attractive.

Just like farmhouse cabinets, shaker-style cabinets are versatile and compatible with traditional and modern kitchen interior design aesthetics. Besides, these drawers are conveniently accessible and fun to use in interior design.

#2: Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

All natural wood cabinet varieties, especially when left unpainted, can be used in place of farmhouse cabinets. When considering the types of natural wood cabinets to go for, the following should be your first choices;
 Oak kitchen cabinets
 Hickory cabinets
 Maple kitchen cabinets

#3: Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

As we have already noted, distressed cupboard designs feature among farmhouse cabinet varieties. For this reason, you can use any type of distressed kitchen cabinets in place of farmhouse cabinetry designs.

Like farmhouse kitchen cabinets, distressed cupboards are classic, attractive, and very functional. Depending on your preferences, you can go for either traditional or modern distressed cabinets.


Although they were overpowered by contemporary-style cabinets at some point in time, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are now trending alongside top-rated modern kitchen cabinet designs. Thanks to their undoubtable durability, functionality, and impressive design versatility, farmhouse cabinets are presently searched by many homeowners. To find them, you can visit various shopping sites online or offline, depending on what works best for you.

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