Being a subject to stress is very common to almost every person on the planet. The reasons to be stressed are many , and the reasons to be relaxed an happy – quite few. But the fact that stress is commonplace in our contemporary society does not mean it’s healthy. One must learn how to face his or her problems in such a way, that leaves him in a more relaxed state, and allows him to make sober judgments and decisions, so as to allow the person to live a better life , centered around the things that are actually valuable, and not the mediocre problems of daily life.
Stress can stem from many places, and there can be many reasons for a person to be stressed. It’s a natural reaction that allows us to be more vigilant and alert, but when one needs to be in this state for a long time, and without any reasons to do so, stress starts to affect us badly.
Think about it – sometimes there are situations in a person’s life where nothing can be changed or improved, when things don’t depend on you. But still you feel stressed , and this causes many problems. Researchers found a link between stress and a lot of mental as well as physiological conditions. And this is not a joke , since problems like diabetes and stomach ulcers can change the way you live in a very unpleasant way, yet they’re both triggered by excess stress in your life. Dealing with stress might reduce the risk for such health complications, as well as make you more mentally stable, which is also of a great necessity, since mental problems are as hard to treat as physiological problems ,and are even untreatable in the more severe cases.
So , how should a person reduce stress, if he can’t avoid it at all ? Many different people suggest many different things, but let’s start by noting some problematic behaviors in people who experience stress. Smokers may begin to chain smoke – lighting one cigarette just after smoking the previous one. Alcohol is also a common choice, for people who mistakenly believe the temporary relief that alcohol brings will solve their problems. Stopping these traits of your attitude will allow you to make sober decisions which will help you deal with stress (or as the term here in Denmark goes - effektive stress behandling ) more efficiently in the long run, rather than finding temporary relief.
Several forms of meditation are recommended for people who have to deal with stress. But let’s review a method that’s not so complicated as to be a meditation , but is still quite efficient. Take 10 minutes of your time to just stand in one place, or sit down and relax and think about nothing. Sometimes, counting your heartbeats or thinking about breathing can help you with that, since it distracts you of your worries. Try that for several consecutive days, and you’ll see how helpful it actually is – you’ll find that there is a way to escape your never ending worries with ease.

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