You work hard so that you can convince investors to spend money on your ideas. You work for days to come up with a good pitch. You even prepare visual aids for your presentation. Your goal is to find someone who will gamble on your ideas and think that they’re worth investing in. 

However, you can't be too desperate and accept all potential investors. Once you say yes to the partnership, you give them the right to decide the direction of your business. Therefore, you need to be smart in selecting any investors. If you have to pass for now, it's okay.

You don’t like their attitude

You call these people potential investors for now. Once they decide to partner with you, they will be your colleagues. They’re also your business partners. It means that you need to work well with them. If you have issues with their attitude right from the start or you feel disrespected, you shouldn’t pursue any partnership. The same issue might get worse as the business progresses. 

Your ideas are great

If you present your business ideas to a few investors and a lot of them respond positively, it means that your ideas are great. You can decide to accept investors now, or decline and know that someone else will still be there to invest in you in the future. If you say yes now, you might regret it later, especially if a better investor comes your way later. Wait until you find someone who will respect your plans as much as you do, and also treat you as an equal when your partnership begins.


You don’t have the same plans

When you have business ideas, they’re not mere ideas. You have an entire plan mapped out. It includes advertising strategies. For instance, if you decide to use a digital kiosk display to promote your business, but the investor is against it, you might have a problem down the road. Your differences might be too difficult to reconcile. If you can't agree on marketing strategies, you could face other issues, especially in regards to finances.

The investor has a wide portfolio 

It's a good thing if an investor already has years of experience in the business. It means that you're dealing with a pro. The problem is that if they have too many investments, you won't be the priority. The investor will have divided attention. You want someone who invests not only money but time and effort. You want to hit your goals together as partners.

Don't feel bad about declining an investor. After a while, you will find people who will truly believe in your business ideas and think that they're worth the money. You will have a good working relationship, and the business will have positive results. Avoid thinking that no other investor will come along. If you have a good business idea, you can always expect investors to be interested and spend money on you. They know your ideas are gold.

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i am a professional writer and working in this industry for years.