While a home’s location is a determining factor in its price and desirability, its external appearance plays a supporting role. When it’s time to sell a home or get it appraised, adding a detached garage may help things look more updated and stylish. Here are a few reasons to build a freestanding garage next to a home.

Improving the Home’s Energy Efficiency

A custom-built two-car garage Utica, NY may make the entire home more energy-efficient. Most garages aren’t very well insulated; they can get quite hot in summer and bitterly cold during a New York winter. However, a new garage’s thick insulation will help keep it warm (or cool), which means less energy and money are wasted.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Utica’s climate is largely temperate, making the walk from the home to the garage a pleasurable one. Homeowners seeking certifications for green building practices may receive points for a free-standing garage because the detachment prevents car exhaust from seeping into the home.

Greater Flexibility and More Ways to Use the Space

Though they’re known as places to store vehicles, garages are used for more than storage. Many local homeowners use garage spaces like workshops, media centers, and bonus rooms. A detached garage can be used for any purpose, and by choosing the right floor plan, your buyer will have plenty of room for both work and play.

Providing Boundaries for Those Who Work From Home

Detached garages make great home workshops and offices. Because they’re set apart from the rest of the house, they provide the solitude and quiet needed for a productive day. The commute can’t be beaten, and the garage will keep bothersome noises from affecting a user’s work.

Giving the Property a New Look

If your home is on a sizable piece of land, it’s possible to add space by building additional structures. A detached garage can be used as an additional living space, which increases the home’s usefulness and livability. When redesigning a property with a stand-alone garage, you’ll need to reroute the driveway to accommodate it.

New Garages and Homeowner’s Insurance

A good insurance policy protects a home against theft, fire, vandalism, and natural disasters. It does more than that, though; it also helps with home repairs. A freestanding garage may help lower homeowner’s insurance costs by providing additional protection from security issues.

Making the Home More Tech-Friendly

Sometimes, efforts to update a home aren’t very successful. Some houses are very old and cannot be modified to work with new technology. If the home’s existing garage falls into this category, a custom-built garage is a great option. These buildings can be customized with smart technology that improves the home’s functionality and ease of use.

Home sellers have many considerations to make during the process. From appraisals to repairs, there’s much to do before putting a home on the market. Not only will a custom-built garage improve the home’s usability, but it will also provide greater curb appeal.


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