The increasing trend of online shopping has dynamically demolished the market of retail marketing in recent years due to lots of reasons. Mostly the convenience of shopping from anywhere without any concern about time and place. This shift has inspired retailers to convert their stores into online stores and mark a strong presence in the world of the online market. The use of cloud computing technology can help such stores in shifting their business from retail to online stores and save their time and resources. Adopting Azure cloud computing can help them in the smooth operations of their business.

What is Azure Cloud Computing? In simple words, Azure can be defined as a public cloud computing platform and offers solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (Saas). These solutions can be used for different tasks like virtual computing, networking, data storage, data analysis and many more.

The benefits of adopting azure cloud computing are:

1. Suitable for All Businesses: Whether you run a large online store or a small retail business with a large client base, Azure is suitable for all types of businesses despite their size. It is developed to meet your IT requirements. The notable benefit of azure cloud computing is that you pay for the model suitable to your business. Moving ahead, depending on your needs you can add and extend your data storage efficiency and other applications in your cloud. This helps in cutting your IT costs, including software maintenance and hardware.

2. Extend Your Existing IT Infrastructure: Azure cloud computing facilitates your networking experts to concentrate on expanding the IT infrastructure of your business, rather than getting concerned about your in-house efficiencies or taking care of the equipment that is expensive and not of much use. Azure helps in the quick and instant deployment of existing applications. Microsoft has offices located in all corners of the world and therefore you can find its experts in your region, in case of any issue.

3. Fully Secured, Protected and Disaster Recovery: Understanding the security needs of organizations, Microsoft has developed Azure cloud computing in such a way that it protects your data from all types of cyber attacks. Azure consists of multiple compliance certifications and is therefore highly preferred by industries like health care, finance, online shopping stores, etc. It is enriched with features like multi-factor authentication and disaster recovery abilities to restore data on an hourly basis according to the needs of a business.

4. Compatible With IaaS and PaaS: Depending upon your business needs you can use azure cloud computing as IaaS or PaaS. Hybrid cloud computing makes it easier for organizations to work either autonomously or use a public cloud. The organizations also have the facility to decide the level at which they are connected to the internet.

5. Industry Specified Applications: Industries like health care, education, finance, online stores, etc, have to deal with a large set of data, which is not only difficult to store but also the rate of data recovery is very less. Understanding their needs Azure offers particular applications according to their requirements, including individual security needs, contemporary customer applications, offline cloud services, and many more.

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Bottom Line: Azure is a versatile and robust cloud computing platform that not only protects your data but also makes it easier for organizations to use it according to their needs and pay according to the package subscribed by them.