Properly decorating your home brings more character to it. But while you’re paying attention to the inside of the house and structure itself, your backyard is being ignored. It’s just as important to spend time properly decorating and accessorizing your backyard if you want your home to properly shine. One feature that always enhances a house’s aesthetic pleasure is a pergola.

With a pergola, you shoot two birds with one stone as you have a method of creating a brilliant sitting area in your backyard or garden and you’re adding to the beauty of your home. However, one issue that people face with pergolas is the manual canopies that usually stop working properly within a few months. Exposure to the sun and other environmental elements results in expedited wear and tear and you often regret making the purchase in the first place.

This is where retractable pergola canopies come into play. With slatted louvre systems, you would be able to control your canopy with the flick of a button. Furthermore, due to the slatted design and full 180-degree mobility, you could adapt your pergola to any weather. When it's cloudy outside, you can have the canopy slats open and enjoy the openness of the pergola, only to push the button and have the slats shut when it’s raining.

Furthermore, the retractable pergola canopies are much more resistant to different weather conditions and environmental elements than your standard pergola canopy and retractable awning. Additionally, the ease of operation allows for a much more convenient experience. If there’s less work to do, then a product automatically becomes more appealing. Traditional canopies are built on a rope pulley system that not only falls to wear and tear faster but also compromises the aesthetic of your pergola.

However, all these benefits will only be in play only as long as you are willing to maintain your pergola. Such an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home will require a significant degree of care. You will have to pay attention to regular maintenance and keep an eye out for any mechanical glitches that may come up. When it comes to cleaning your pergola, wash each panel separately and apply low-pressure water if you’re using a hose to rinse. Also, avoid using any cleaning agent that has harsh chemicals as it would damage the finish on the pergola.

There are a lot of great vendors to consider if you want to purchase a retractable pergola canopy. However, one that stands out is Mary Grove (. Not only do they produce great products, but they also have great customer service and maintain their relationship with their customers. With the DIY guides they offer, it also becomes really easy to set up your pergola on your own. In no time you’ll be enjoying a beautiful setting in your very own backyard and will have a reason to sit outside every day with the family and hold backyard parties all the time.

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