The concept of residential roofing has evolved, and the available options have increased significantly. The possibilities include solar tiles, rubber slate, slate, green roofs, stone-coated roofs, asphalt shingle, clay and concrete roofs, and metal roofs.

Every material has its suitability and disadvantages depending on the conditions and environment they are placed in.

So, if you are looking for a new roof for your home, it may be worth thinking outside the typical asphalt and concrete options. In this regard, the roofing material that is recently gaining immense popularity is metal.

Metal roofing is enjoying immense fame in the residential market after breaking all records and securing a prestigious position in the industrial roofing industry over the years. Modern metal roofs offer streamlined designs coupled with energy efficiency that can fit any home’s exterior style. So, whether you are looking to change your existing roof or build a new one from scratch, a metal roof can be a notable option.

The following article enlists top reasons you should consider a metal roof for your home.
What Is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is currently the best alternative to traditional asphalt residential roofing. These are made of long sheets of material with unimaginable varieties available to perfectly mimic the standard asphalt roofing. The common materials used for metal roofing include; zinc, steel, tin, copper, aluminium, and a hybrid mixture of these materials.

Irrespective of the metal used, all metal roofs are finished with special coatings to protect the roof from harsh weather conditions, rust, reflect heat, and prevent moisture damage.
Advantages Of Metal Roofing

Some reasons that might make you put metal roofing on top of your priority list are;
Impact And Fire Resistant

It is not uncommon for asphalt roofs to fly away during heavy winds and damage after a hail storm. Moreover, the asphalt shingles can grow mildew and mould due to moisture accumulation. Apart from the varieties in fibreglass, the traditional materials lack fire resistance elements as well.

On the other hand, metal roofs can withstand many conditions without damaging themselves. They don’t develop harmful moisture accumulation (hence, there aren't moulds and mildews). Moreover, metal roofs are fire-resistant. Although you might get a few dents after a heavy hailstorm, the overall enhanced durability against harsh environmental conditions is unmatched compared to other materials.
Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs are not only durable and long-lasting, but most importantly, they are 100% recyclable. Most metal roof manufacturers create the roof by using 25% to 90% of recycled materials. Thus, metal roofing is considered the most eco-friendly roof.

In addition to increasing the use of recycled materials, metal roofs allow you to renew and extend their lifespan by simply adding a new sealant. This means you can simply renew your existing metal roof instead of replacing the whole roof. Moreover, the ubiquity of the materials makes it very unlikely for them to end up in a landfill after their useful life ends.
Energy Efficient

If you are looking to optimise the energy efficiency of your property, metal roofs may be the best option for you. A study titled “Next Generation Roofs And Attics” found that metal roofs provide a 40% reduction in summertime energy consumption and a 15% reduction in winter energy consumption when placed in the four-layer strapping system.

The strapping system deploys the roof in a way that the horizontal boards are placed between the plywood and the metal sheets. Additionally, you can also enhance the energy efficiency of your metal roof by choosing reflective and light colours such as light blue, white, and light green. These roofs can run 10-15 degrees cooler compared to the dark asphalt shingles. They reflect the harsh sunlight instead of absorbing it and increasing the internal temperature.
Increase The Curb Value

The upfront cost of installing a metal roof is further justified by the fact that it increases the value of your house by anywhere between 1% to 6%. The latter enables you to recover the initial cost not only by saving in energy bills and durability but also by receiving lucrative price offers when it comes to selling your home.
Easy Roof Change

Depending on the local codes and roofing regulations, you might be able to save a lot of money in terms of metal roof installation by placing it above the existing asphalt roof. This cuts down the cost significantly as there is no need to hire labourers for removing asphalt and works well in creating a strapping system for your metal roof.

If you opt to install a metal roof above your existing asphalt roof, make sure to inspect the roof for any damages. Also, ensure that you don’t have any problems related to trapped moisture, build-ups like mould and mildew, or rodents.

All in all, metal roofs can prove to be the best roofing option for any residential setting especially if installed using the correct framework and technique (done by expert roofing contractors). The initial installation price (about $90-$900 per sq. feet) should not be considered as a drawback as you can recoup the price from other aspects like reduction in utility bills and increased curb value of your property.

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Metal roofs are gaining immense fame in the residential roofing market. The article explains the reasons why you should consider a metal roof for your home.