Copper is a potent metal known for its exceptional conductive abilities. Being, a soft and malleable element, the metal is commonly used for electroplating a wide range of metals such as aluminum, iron, zinc, nickel and so on for harnessing its incredible properties. However, the true magic of copper plating can only be witnessed when you consider a professional company for the purpose.

That's right, a specialist who excels in electroplating and implements the finest practices for achieving consistent results every single time. Still not sure with the idea of hiring a reliable company for electroplating services? Well, here are the top five reasons that will help you realize how crucial they can be.

Why Consider Professionals For Copper Plating Services?

Be it for effective operation of electrical circuit boards or enhancing the appeal of structural parts, there is so much that one can achieve by plating components with copper, and this can only be possible when you choose the best company for the purpose.

Going for a trained, competent and well-equipped specialist for copper plating services will ensure that:

  • Premium quality industry graded materials are used for creating the electrolyte that have absolutely no toxicity. This electrolyte is a solution that contains copper ions that get attracted to the materials present in the cathode.


  • Consistent results, thanks to the systematic approach implemented by the companies where the concentration of solution, grade of copper used and the quality of material leads to the same outcome always.


  • Custom plating, where you have the opportunity to use copper on any type of compatible materials. For instance, if you are planning to incorporate the anti-bacterial properties of copper then you consider having them in medical and bio-medical devices.


  • When plated to perfection, copper maintains unique adhesion and that too in conditions where the substrate (material) might be subject to manipulation or bend. Such efficacy can be obtained when you hire a professional for chemical film coating.

What Determines The Cost of Copper Plating Services?

Now that you are aware of how useful professional services can be for plating copper, the next question that might revolve in your mind is- how is the cost for the electroplating evaluated? There are a host of factors that come into play in determining the average cost of copper or chemical film coating services and some of them are:

  • Material: Surface area, density and coating thickness of copper will decide the total amount of metal required for the process and can have a direct impact on the cost.


  • Labor: Average time needed for preparing the solution, electroplating time and so on influence the labor charges.


  • Equipment: The cost of copper electroplating is per part, and is often evaluated by considering the total number of parts that have to plated using the equipment.
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