To get out of your comfort zone is quite a challenge, out of the routine, out of the ordinary, especially if it’s for a long period of time. When you go to another country to study or for work, normally is a huge shock for many people, but is not going to be the same experience for everyone.

Some might have a good time, some other might not. But it is, at least for me, something we all should do at least once in our lifetime. These are some reasons for it:

  1. Personal Development. What can bring the best of you and make you mature faster and better than being on your own in another country, it will bring out of you the independence one needs to manage our lives. It is quite the opportunity to grow in every possible way, it is overwhelming, but it’ll lets you adapt to diverse circumstances in the future.
  2. Know Different Cultures. This might be a very cliché thing to say, but the fact of living in a different country is always an insane experience (In a good way or a bad way, but we always learn and look at things differently thanks to it). I am a Venezuelan, living in Argentina, for example, and although both countries are Spanish-speakers, and are in South America. The differences are endless, and I just love the place.
  3. Employers Value You More. The page IIE lists the reasons why employers look in a positive way those who’ve studied abroad, including the capacity to adapt to those other places, the variability when learning what was called “soft” and “hard” Skills. And on a report in the UK, it was established that those who did study abroad, on average, earn more than those who didn’t.
  4. Career Opportunities. According to the portal International Student, studying abroad helps you find a different job and career opportunities, every country has a different situation when it comes to it. Especially when you really like the country you are in, having good personal references, will be an excellent boost for you to find the job you’re looking for.
  5. Language Skills, Top Universities makes this super clear for us, it is easy to forget a vague second or third language you chose to study in high school, but studying abroad is just the perfect situation to be in to get that knowledge back. Or even to learn a new language, the fact that you need it to literally survive, I think will be a good reason to do it.
  6. Make Lifelong Friends, living such a different experience will be unforgivable, and to be able to make friends will make it better, people to hang out with and that help you find your place in that new home and get use to the lifestyle you now have to embrace. Let’s not forget we are social beings, that need to regularly interact with other, and on this occasion, I’d say it’s an even bigger need that will have to be satisfied.
  7. Different Schooling System. Although we all have to come in at a certain time of the day to have our class, the differences in the way of teaching between countries can be certainly different. The evaluation processes may also vary, and the number of skills or qualities that can be awaken because of this can make the difference in certain circumstances.

Some countries value sports more and they look for improve their college football ranking, others value more arts and sciences.

From an Exchange program to actually move and study abroad is a unique thing that surely will make us a more complete professional, and a better person.

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Ashis Kumar is a passionate blogger who loves to share his ideas through blogging.