Akin to a second home, your office is also where your heart is. Which is why having a clean office space is important for you and your employees. We all want to work at a place that is clean, free of dust and allergens (especially the sneezer types) and free of clutter. But why does having a clean office space make for happier employees (and clients) and how can you make yours a sparkling diamond today?

1. We’re in This Together

Creating a cleaner environment begins with everyone pitching in and pitching out. Starting with individual desks or office spaces have everyone (approved only after you say so, of course) throw or file neatly away outdated or irrelevant documents. Clutter begone! Ridding a space of extra papers that have little or no importance, helps to clear our minds as well. Clear minds=higher production, which come Friday is a beautiful thing as work becomes harder to concentrate on.

2. Out with The Old

I’m not referring to that person that really should have retired by now. I’m referring to the rate of technology and it’s ascendance into the outdated garbage pile. Old computers, printers, even desks; things that will either never revive after our technology shock or that you know (you do) that you are too busy to get to. Throw away old computers, unlike hairstyles they are never making a come back, but they ARE taking up valuable office space and have a negative, heavy energy to their presence. If you have old office furniture, there a plenty of new and budding entrepreneurs who could use it to start their dreams, consider donating it through any of the “pick up free” services or through kijiji. Removing such items will create new lift of energy, hello happier employees.

3. It’s a Wash

If you do not already have an office cleaning company (hint, hint), you may not have noticed the level of cleanliness (or maybe you have and it drives you crazy) in regards to your windows, doors and foyers. These areas are quiet dust and finger print collectors. It is almost as if you do not know you have a problem until it is so blazingly clear that you do. One day you are walking into your foyer (after you have completely uncluttered your office areas) and the level of grime smacks you in the face and you are ready for a cleaning intervention. It is important with these high traffic areas (both for your employees and clients) to have them washed down and disinfected at least weekly and a commercial cleaning company is generally hired for these services. This increases happiness levels, because if these areas are maintained it increases level of pride for the employee going to work and clients doing business at your location.

4. Kitchen, Bathroom and Floors Oh My

I probably do not need to mention the host of potential yuckiness deriving from regular cleaning of the kitchen areas, bathrooms and flooring. Most employees do not want the job of cleaning any of these, it makes them look lower on the rank (even though they may be) and they may not do a very good job, leaving the rest of you susceptible to the germs that contaminate an office space. For these duties I would recommend a professional janitorial service. They will take care of the products needed to do the job properly, leaving your employees time to focus on the needs of your business. Clean bathrooms, kitchen and floors create strong impressions for everyone, little else needs to be said here.

5. Phones, Keyboards and Door Handles

People are either hyper aware or not awake at all when it comes to these areas needing disinfecting. This is the way of many germs and their transportation throughout your place of business, onto your steering wheel and all the way home. Again, most companies hire a janitorial service to rid them of these germ concerns. If you have your employees take care of this make sure that it is done weekly and this will greatly reduce the impact of spreading. If you hire an office cleaning company, make sure they agree with the level of importance in disinfecting your phones, keyboards and doors throughout your building. Healthy employees=happy employees.

Cleaner always equals happier.

Author's Bio: 

Kari Waldner is the owner of Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning in Saskatoon, a company that specializes in janitorial services. For more information check out their website at www.scrubmasters.ca.