There’s nothing wrong with trying to be practical when planning a trip. You don’t want to spend a lot and come back home with tons of debts. It doesn’t mean though that you need to feel discomfort with your chosen accommodation. These are the reasons why you need to avoid booking a budget hotel if possible.

The rooms are small

Usually, budget hotel rooms feel like you’re inside a can. You can barely move around. It’s only good if you feel too tired from the trip and you simply want to sleep upon arriving at the hotel. If you hope to have a comfortable stay, you might not achieve that goal. 

The services might be below expectations 

You have a lot of expectations when you get a hotel room. Throw them out the window if you stay in a budget hotel. Apart from your room, you won’t get anything else. There might not even be an internet connection in your room. At some point, you might want to go home since you miss the comfort of your bed.

You could spend more

You might think that you’re going to save more if you decide to stay in a budget hotel. The truth is that you could end up spending a lot. In a regular room, there might only be up to three people allowed to stay. If you’re travelling as a family or a large group, you might need to book two or more rooms. The cost could be higher than other accommodation options. 

The place could get crowded

If you’re trying to reduce the cost during a trip, you’re not the only one thinking that way. Other travellers also do the same. Therefore, budget hotels are usually the first choice. You could reach the place and feel bothered by the loud noise. It’s usually a full house and you will have a hard time sleeping. After a tiring day of travelling, you don’t want to go back to a loud hotel room. 

Renting a large house is better

If you want your entire family to be in the same place, you can find
large houses for rent. It’s a practical choice since you will only need one place. You can also supervise your kids since you’re in the same place. 

The best part is that you have the entire place to yourself. These houses even have unique facilities like an indoor pool or a golf course. It will feel like a grand vacation even if you didn’t travel overseas. You won’t feel like you spent a lot either since you’re getting a lot in return. 

You can choose from different houses based on size, amenities and price range. Once you find the perfect place, you need to book it soon. Many people will want to stay there too. If it’s during a busy season, you might end up not getting what you want if you don’t move quickly.

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