Drug tests at the work place are sometimes a bit controversial nowadays. However, when a company is hiring new employees, pre-screening is always a common practice.

Companies will always request for references and would want to check your qualifications and your employment history.

If they already check all these things, why won’t they screen you for any substance abuse? The bottom line is, all companies usually have authority and a right to prefer those who don’t use drugs.

With that being said, below are some reasons why it is important for companies to conduct drug tests. To know more on drug tests, see this link here

  • Safety

This is usually the main reason why drug testing should be conducted in any work place. It helps in maintaining the safety standards and the general health in the work place.

We all know that using drugs might have some negative effects in your ability to perform your daily life duties.

Even if the restriction is just during work hours, drugs still do have long lasting effects. This is why a drug test should be put in place as it helps in identifying safety risks you might be facing and finding a way to eliminate them. This comes as a great advantage to both the employees and the company.

  • Work quality

Of course you know that your employers have the right to decide what type of people they should hire right?

Well a drug test should be conducted just to ensure that the work quality of the employees is not affected as a result of substance abuse.

This practice therefore can improve on your work quality simply by laying off the employees who don’t pass the test.

Well, they are the ones contributing to poor quality of work right? Check out this clear drug tests link and see how employees can sometimes can cheat to pass the drug test.

Those who use hard drugs or abuse these substances usually incur like 300% more on medical costs compared to those who don’t.

With a drug test scheduled on a regular basis at the work place, your premiums for health insurance may end up reducing greatly.

This is simply because you will be decreasing the amount you use to cater for the medical costs on issues or any illness related to drugs. With this, you will notice a significant drop in your overall costs.

  • No turnover risk

If you are a manager who is tasked with hiring of new employees, would you want to hire someone who you will end up firing again after a month?

Of course not. Encouraging drug test in your company will help you to reduce the turnover rate.

This is because you will be eliminating the chances of hiring a person who will be underworking causing you a turnover when he is later fired.

  • Reducing absenteeism

Drug testing in the workplace has been proven to be one of the most successful methods you can use to reduce the rate of absenteeism.

If you are a manager, then you know what I’m talking about. Absenteeism is usually costly to a company thus you cannot afford to have your employees on drugs as this is one of the reasons that can lead to absenteeism.

When the employees keep on skiving coming to work, the company will face some financial burden. This can also lead to the employees losing morale which is not a good thing for business.

  • Reducing accidents

In as much as some accidents cannot be avoided, most of them tend to occur when drugs are involved.

The fact that drug testing is done at the work place, the employees will feel deterred to use them.

When accidents occur, a drug test is usually performed just to check if drugs played a role in this incident and later find a way of dealing with it.

This will also have some effect on how the employees will be making decisions regarding drug use as they know a test might be conducted any time soon.


These are some reasons why as a company or organization should always consider doing a drug test.

Many employees might not like the idea in the first place but it goes a long way in ensuring your company survives and keep on improving.

See more reasons for drug testing here http://hrpeople.monster.com/training/articles/520-six-reasons-why-companies-drug-test .

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