A rising number of e-commerce stores have gradually adopted the Opencart platform for growth and expansion. Avail from the Opencart developer for quality solutions. 

Initially launched in the year 2010, OpenCart development has been pivotal in the eCommerce business boom and online store management procedure. It is based on the programming language of PHP which, in turn, leverages the work of MySQL and HTML. As a result, it gets maximised support from a plethora of languages and operating systems. 

The industry of eCommerce is growing competitive day by day. While one of the most crucial tasks that remains for such businesses is to achieve their regular objectives, by employing this resource by the Opencart developer, one can handle multiple projects from a single back end. One also prefers it because of its wide functionality and e-commerce extensions like management of orders, several gateways for payment, integrated software updates etc. 

Opencart is an open-source, feature-rich platform which consists of a user-friendly interface and wide extension of themes, layouts and designs. The solution that it offers to the e-commerce business all depends on how the merchant carries on their sale operations, how many products he is selling, and his ability to embed them into a new website. It is therefore ideal for small, medium and large scale businesses.  

Opencart offers some key, high grade features for every entrepreneur and businessman to enjoy and utilise in their e-commerce business.

These are as follows - 

  • Rich user experience enhancement

The platform of Opencart currently has more than 300 live sites for online sellers to use and implement. One can have a personal Opencart store/cart for their store with a single but clear view of sales, inventory among others. Opencart is undergoing a high level of competition from the lower end WordPress and high-end Magento. Furthermore, one can garner unlimited customer support from the forum of Opencart. By registering oneself here, one can enjoy being part of the biggest online e-commerce stage, seeking professional and technical expertise and communication.


  • Easy to use

The businessman can manage and administer it in a friendly manner. There is no need for an expert skill or knowledge for this. One can use the control panel of Opencart most easily, without any hesitation and effort. Hence, its uncomplicated usage contributes more to its popularity. The Opencart is also equipped with several discount special coupons for users to enjoy.


  • Extensions

Through this module based operational system, the one using it can extend its functionality through the many features that it provides such as the bestseller category, information, google analytics and other pages.


  • Multiple payment options

There are many payment options that one can avail through Opencart like Authorize.net, First Data, LiqPay, Klarna, Amazon Payment, PayPal, SagePay and many others.

The popularity of Opencart for E-commerce cannot be ignored. Hence, the impression of this software always works in advantage of the online store vendors, in marketing and advertising as well as taking vital business decisions.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an expert Opencart developer working with PHPProgrammers. In this article, the author has researched and written about the growing popularity of the Opencart platform and how it is the ideal solution for e-commerce businesses.